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VICKERS Viscount (N7425)


The original print of this old Kodak Verichrome Pan 127 film B&W shot was just too faded and bent, so I went digging for the negative. When I found it buried away in a box, I tried a new tactic; I scanned the half-century old negative instead of the actual photo. Didn't come out HQ, but the scene is viewable.
A Vickers V.745D Viscount, still displaying its former Capital Airlines fleet number "344," is seen in this mid 1960s photo on the ramp at Buffalo International Airport (today KBUF). After Capital Airlines was bought by United in 1961, UA took over Capital's Viscount fleet. This one, wearing UA paint by the time I snapped it here, was registered N7425.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Anyone else besides me remember the wonderful whistling sound of those RR Darts? So distinctive ... when they were running, it was easy to know a Viscount was somewhere close by even if it was hidden from view. A great passenger plane!
Great shot Gary! I used to fly the F27, with twin Darts...
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Chris. I envy you. My only experiences flying have always been as a pax and I've always admired those who work up in the front office. TY for the compli about the pic; FA member Peter Scharkowski posts the best shots of the older a/c, and I could never compete with the quality of his posts, but there are always some viewers like you who can enjoy seeing the ones I have. (Wave)
Thanks Gary. There is something about these early 700 series Viscounts, with their oval shaped passenger entry doors. The later and slightly stretched 800 series changed to rectangular shaped cabin doors. But that didn't stop us losing a refined 800 series in remote central Queensland in 1966, due to a Roots Blower engine driven cabin compressor disintegration,(cabin pressurization was NOT sourced from bleed air in the Viscount). The intense fire which followed in the wing caused the wing structure to fail...they were on an emergency descent to an outback alternate airfield called Winton, but they didn't make it.
Ed Grasnik
United acquired the Vicounts after they merged with the old Capital Airlines
John Rumble
Brings back memories
I was a cub scout in the 60's and somehow we were able to go on a sightseeing flight around Toronto on a Viscount
Could you imagine such a thing today?
Tedd Hope
The Viscount was ubiquitous at KLGA with Capital in the mid-to-late fifties, and also operated by Trans Canada and Cunard Eagle Airways. I flew on one IDL-BDA in 1961, and worked for a carrier that shared facilities with Eagle. Yes, the trill of four Darts with Dowty Rotol props was at once shrill and captivating. The twin HS-748 and the Fokker/Fairchild 27 and 200 series multiple variations came close, but IMHO nothing else achieved the Viscount sound.

BTW, if you saw a Viscount cockpit, you could only wonder if it were possible to fit one more toggle, button, gauge or bus, it was the tightest workspace imaginable. Nonetheless, in those days of celestial and LORAN, Eagle flew them with a navigator.
Tom Vance
Pure classic stuff Gman!
I remember many flights from TRI to PIT and back in those. It always seemed comforting to a newer flyer to see the RR on the engines.
Oh the memories of those Dart Engines. I worked for several years on F27 aircraft...and can't count the number of Roots Blowers I've changed. The air driven landing gear would drive a guy crazy in the winters of Minnesota. Thanks for the memories.
You did an excellent job scanning the negative. Great work, thanks for showing it.
Steve Haynes
Thanks for posting this! My first flight was on a United Viscount around 1960. I was about 6 years old on a business trip with my Dad from ATL to BHM. I still remember the unmistakable whistle of those engines. That's when the flying bug bit, and thankfully, it's never let go! Your photo brought back wonderful memories.
Nice shot! .... Those RR Darts ( aka : "kerosene burning sirens" ) , were music to my ears! .. Thanks. ..
I flew a few times on Continental Viscounts in Texas in the 1960's. They did have a unique sound!
In spite of all the advancements in safety, speed and to some degree comfort. I still think air travel back then, in the late ‘50s thru the early ‘70s was much better. Just a more high class experience compared to the cattle cars of today.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Wow! There are a lot more FA viewers who are familiar with the Viscount than I thought. Chris, Ed, John, Ted, Alien, Lucius, Charles, Roger, Bill, Steve, Ron, Keith, and David ... Thanks to each of you for your comments. I'm glad you all liked this old B&W and I'm even more glad you all shared your experiences and info. I enjoy reading about the experiences and learning more info about these aircraft. David ... I agree 100%. I love being in any type of aircraft (always as a passenger; I have no pilots license or anything) and I'll go anytime I get an opportunity, but it WAS better back then. Hey, Alien ... How ya been? You still in Redding? We went thru there on a spotting road trip not that long ago. I'd have looked you up and sprung for lunch if I'd known how to contact you. TY for the comments and complis on my newest posts. (Wave)
Chris Hicks
Thanks for the great shot - and the effort to get it pasted on this forum. Hat's off as well to the commentators here, as well as the web locations of additional info.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hello, Chris, and Thank You for viewing this pic. Very much appreciate your comment. (Wave)
Thanks Gary for the superb shot of the very impressive E2D.
C.W. Reed
About halfway through the move "A Face In The Crowd" from 1957, There is a nice scene of a Capital Airlines Viscount taxi'ing up to the gate at what seems to be KLGA. It's a great sample of what 4 RR Darts sound like to those of us who have not been near an in service Viscount! Thanks again Gary! Cheers!!
Steven Hill
Excellent photo the history is worth it.
Don Fitzgerald
I rode in a Viscount from Newark to the old Amon Carter Field between Ft Worth and Dallas in the mid 60's. Funny I don't remember the engine sound but I believe it had the biggest windows I have ever seen on a passenger plane. Love the old pictures and great work on the photo.
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