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NL251MX — - "Betty Jane," the Collings Foundations P-51 Mustang (North American TP-51C) comes blazing past my rooftop location as it climbs away from Reno Tahoe Internationals runway 34R this morning.
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NL251MX —


"Betty Jane," the Collings Foundation's P-51 Mustang (North American TP-51C) comes blazing past my rooftop location as it climbs away from Reno Tahoe International's runway 34R this morning.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I arrived at 5:10 AM to begin my spotting day and it was five hours later when "Betty Jane" took off, but the weather conditions were absolutely perfect, my photo position was ultra-superb, and the pilot (looking right at me as I clicked the series) came past so low and so close that even at the Reno Air Races I have never been closer to an airborne Mustang. I had a half dozen doughnuts and a thermos of coffee, and if I had not had a camera in my hands, I probably could have passed some coffee and doughnuts to them as they thundered past me. Awesome!!!!
Roy Hunte
Awesome shot Gary!
Spectacular photo work!!! Gary, this is a "5" star photograph! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Beautiful shot Gary! 5*+
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Roy, Cliff, and Dave .... Hey, guys. Many Thanx for the comments. And to you three plus all other FA friends who have provided email addys, check your emails later today. I'm sending a neat airborne snap of "Tondelayo," the Collings B-25 Mitchell. ;-)
Great catch, Gary! Thanks!
Wow! Stunning picture!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg and Chris ... Howdy, and Tks for the comments. (PS: I sent out a pic of the Collings B-25 to everyone (*) via private email. It isn't the same photo I posted on FA. I hope everyone received it. *Except Greg ... I don't have an email addy.
Mark See
Great shot Gary! I wish I was able to get this close while they were airborne when they were at SNA. The only time I've been as close as you were here (just off the side of the runway on a closed taxiway) was at the Riverside Air Show a few months back and they had a few P-51s doing low passes at the end of the day before they headed out. Unfortunately I was displaying one of our aircraft so I wasn't able to get any snaps of them, but I'm just glad I had the opportunity to be that close... that's a very nice sound that I will never forget.

P.S. Got your email and thank you for that awesome shot!
Sorry, Gary. I thought you already had my email address. I just sent you an email with my home and work email addresses. Thanks again for this shot of Betty Jane. I have some shots of her posted on FA, too, but none like this one!
Uwe Zinke
perfect Gary!!!
Wow, truly incredible shot of an incredible plane
Kurt Finger
Gary, great angle, very exciting.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, guys. My Thanks to each of you for your comments. The pilot deserves most of the credit; he banked right toward me when he spotted me camped out up there and all I had to do was keep him in the viewfinder and snap the shots.
Greg, I haven't had time yet to check my email to get your email addy, but when I do I'll send the pic I sent to the others. Uwe, I'll send it to you, too (I had sent it yesterday but it bounced back today because I typed your address incorrectly.) Hi, Geoff. TY for your comment. I appreciate it very much. (Wave)
Tom Vance
Passing donuts and coffee..?? that would make you a Flight Attendant or the quickest drive thru ever!!!LOL
Roy Hunte
I would say fly thru Tom! lol
I get the Flight Aware "newsletter" each week and when I opened this weeks edition my jaw hit the floor! The fantastic photo of Betty Jane (way to go Gary!) shows ME in the back seat! I live in Reno and when I heard The Collings Foundation TP-51C would be here I gagged and wrote the check to fly this plane and check off the number one item on my bucket list! This two seat, dual control P-51 is one of the most rare of P-51's and the experience was beyond words! When the photo is enlarged you can just see my gray beard (yes, I'm an old fart) and my amber colored sunglasses. WOW!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Linton. Yessirree, if you are the fella in the back seat wearing amber sunglasses and who has a gray beard, then this photo (and the other 80-85 or so clean and clear shots I snapped in this series) are all of you / your flight experience. The set starts out as you are taxiing out to 34R. Then the set continues as the Mustang is on the takeoff roll coming toward me, lifting off, and then flying right past and away from me. Then it resumes as you landed, made that 180 U-turn on 34R and backtaxied to Juliet, waited for permission to proceed on Charlie, and then taxied back to Atlantic. I was clicking the shutter the entire time. There are so many snaps here you could probably paste 'em all together and have a short video of the beginning and end of your bucket list flight experience. And in among these 85+ pics is one of you that is so crystal sharp and clear you could use it as a portrait ...
In fact, I'm thinking that this series of snaps just might be an excellent way for you to always remember your P-51 flight experience ... and since taking $$$ for my pics goes against my standards as an amateur photographer, I'm wondering if you'd like to have them... n/c? Trust me on this: I've been an amateur aviation photographer for over 50 years and these amateur photographs are ones you DEFINITELY want. I looked up your name "Linton" here on FA but FA says there is no such member named Linton so I have no way to contact you, but ... the photos are downloaded and "backup saved" already ... and they are yours at no charge if you want 'em. Reply here and we can figure out some way to link up. :-)
Hello Gary! Thanks for the offer of the photos. I would love to have them! My name is Jimmy Hamilton and you can email me directly at hampilotatsbcglobaldotnet. I hope you see this post and I will check my email in the morning.

Thanks again!
Gary, you crossed the line to professional aviation photographer a long time ago. It is the quality of your work that defines the title. I look forward to every picture you post here and thank you for sharing.
Great photo Gary. I haven't forgot what you tought me.
Great photo Gary. I can pick out your photos easily in a line up.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Jimmy (Linton): Photo release authorization letter made out to you is printed and signed. Seventy-one photos have been transferred to storage media. I discarded 17 pictures that I deemed to be unacceptable quality: two were inaccurately focused and the quality of fifteen of the longest distance shots had suffered heat distortion degradation which was, unfortunately, rather unavoidable due to the heat waves rising up from the open pavement between your flight and me at that time of day. I will call you today to arrange delivery tomorrow. (Thumbs Up)
6/21/16; 8:05am PDT. Hello Gary. I just saw your note about the photo release and the 71 photos. I look forward to your call!

Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Jimmy. I got busy yesterday PM and didn't want to call you late so I will call in a few minutes. I'm coming in today for a capture and I can drop off your items today.
Wow!!! Must be the best rooftop in the state!
I contributed to the Collings Foundation for an hour in Betty Jane a few years ago, best investment that year! Look at the rudder, think there's some power there?
better than a doughnut !!!
Bill Bailey
Thank you Gary for the beautiful photo! My dad was foreman of the wing division of North American during WWII in Grand Prairie, TX and they built several thousand P-51's and at least a couple of thousand B-25's (if I remember correctly what he told me many years ago). I received my pilot's license in 1968, about a year after I completed my tour with the U.S. Army and love flying. Hopefully, one day I will get to take a ride in a P-51...my dream of dreams!!
jesse kyzer
1943 North American TP-51C-10 MUSTANG
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who help keep these Ol birds flying. Nice
ken kemper
Superb photo Gary !!

Appreciate your kind comments with the DC-3's from Basler Turbo. The place is right across the field from EAA. Not sure if they allow aviation buffs to be supervised through their grounds.

That's All Brother was found & restored there.
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