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Boeing 747-400 (N194UA)


This "Flashback" photo, taken 7 years ago (Apr 2013) with my old Canon T3i, captured United's N194UA, a B744, as it lifted away from RNO's shorter parallel Runway 16L on an AM departure with a full passenger load of United States Marines and all their equipment. The UA charter was transporting the Marines back to Cherry Point, N. Carolina.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Used to see the Queen here fairly often. Very, very rare to see her here now.
Poking thru files of pics I snapped six thru twelve years ago. It's rather amazing how many changes occurred in that short period of time. Airlines have gone OOB or have been taken over by mergers, new livery paint schemes on some airlines, new models of GA a/c, new military a/c, airport improvements, etc., etc.. Time never stops, and changes keep on coming. But it's always sort of neat to be able to look back.
Dave Sheehy
Five Star shot Gary, plus a few more ****** !
What a beautiful sight to behold!
Peter Sayers
great shot, What type of lens are you using?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dave, Wincelaus, and Peter ... Thanks for your comments, guys. (Wave)
Peter S. .... As I stated above, this shot was taken back in 2013. My camera at the time was a Canon T3i. I used a Tamron 70-300mm F/4-5.6 VC for this pic. I still have that lens and I still use it frequently. I had "graduated" to a Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 DI VC USD for awhile and I had been using that lens on my Canon T6s. Tamron makes fine lenses and I liked the 100-400mm but I traded it away and went back to using the 70-300mm with my Canon T6 (and now my Canon T7). I was not disappointed at all with the 100-400mm; the reason I traded it was because it just isn't a very practical lens to use here. Reno is located east of the Sierra Nevada in high desert country. The sun is intense here and the temperatures, even in spring and fall, are often in the 80s or 90s here (meaning triple digits out on the airport grounds at KRNO, KNFL, and KRTS). In the summer, 90s and triple digits are the norm so temps airside are often in the 120s. And a 400mm lens isn't practical because any pic taken at more than 300mm is so heat-hazed and shimmering that the shot is useless. Even 300mm is too much zoom at times. I discovered I was never using 400mm zoom. I know a guy who bought a 500mm. He never shoots between 9 AM and 6 PM in the summer because all he ends up with are heat hammered pics. All this info is described merely to tell you that if you liked this click, then you can get a great used Tamron 70-300mm for cheap and I am confident you will be pleased with the snaps you get.
Greg Byington
Another great shot, Gary!
a mentor
Great comment @Gary :-)
David Seider
Hi, Gary!
I wish to thank you for posting: a) your consistently terrific pics, and b) your always informative commentary.
The vast majority of the pics on FA are well-done, but when there's a story or some personal info included, the pic sort of morphs into something more than the sum of its parts. (IMO)
Please keep up your awesome work, Gary! I really enjoy your pics and seem to always learn something from your comments.

My tongue-in-cheek comment on your original caption: Yeah, 16L/34R is the shorter of KRNOs N/S runways, but this 744 obviously doesn't care too much about the lack of a couple of thousand feet (even high & hot)!
David Seider
Old-school wing flex.
747 taught it to the T7, who then passed it on to the 787.

Joke time...
747: "Check out my flex!"
787: "Hold my beer..."
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, a mentor, and Dave Seider ... To each of you, TYVVM for commenting.
@a mentor >>> Do you live somewhere in the vicinity of Reno or Sacto? If so, perhaps a meet? ????
Dave Seider >>> Geesh. How do I properly express my Thanks for those comments? I'm very, very appreciative of, but probably a bit unworthy of, your kind words. The commentaries I include are merely intended to make the history of the particular aircraft, the circumstances of the aircraft picture, or the events surrounding the snap of it, more informative for those viewers who are actual aviation enthusiasts. I post one or two shots with pertinent info rather than a gallery page of pics that offer nothing more than a nursery school picture book. So I am grateful more than you probably realize that you enjoy the added info. It takes a few moments of time to research an aircraft to determine if it has a history or to, on occasion, add amusing or unusual details regarding the circumstances of a photo. With utmost sincerity, I thank you for your comment, David.
While here, I'd like to again extend an invitation to any serious FA aviation enthusiast or photographer to contact me at OldeCarl@gmail.com if you are going to be in the Reno area. Please give me as much advance notice as possible. With sufficient "heads-up" notice, I can arrange an opportunity for us to do some spotting photography.
a mentor
@Gary et al; I'm in Southern Cal now and only get to Reno for the RAR -- too bad as I love the Tahoe/Reno area.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
@a mentor .... So Cal? I don't get that far down very often (the closest I usually get is SMF, SJC, MHR, MCC, and SUU because those are all one-day there-and-back trips for me), but I DO have family in your area so every once in a while I go to LA. But hey, if you are coming to the Races and want to meet, just let me know. It'd be neat to meet. (Wave)
a mentor
@Gary; But of course (2nd week in Sept). If you get South, google "Planes of Fame" in Chino and we can have a ball. Bring the kids and in-law too :-)
Amir Begloei
Simply perfection!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Amir ... Thank you very, very much. (Wave to you) I'm pleased you enjoyed the photo, and I truly appreciate your very, very kind comment.
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