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Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060) - Arrival into KIAH runway 8R back in 2016
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Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060)


Arrival into KIAH runway 8R back in 2016


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Мрии больше нет!(
OSR Inc.
Destroyed. It's monstrous!
I'm sad... RIP..
Alan Hume
Alas ... no more. Such a tragedy!
I'm sad, too. But if there is a need for such a giant, she will be rebuilt, I'm sure. And I hope this will be in a free and alive Ukraina!
May she rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes. Solidarity with the people of the Ukraine!
Majestuoso avión, lo vi el domingo anterior en mi pais Costa Rica.
Es impresionante....
Majestuoso avion, lo vi en mi pais Costa Rica. Es impresionante.
Impresionante, majestuoso.
I'm not so sure there's a need for this aircraft but it's a shame whenever they are destroyed. Just like flying testbeds used for experimentation, I hate when any airframes are destroyed. They should be kept for posterity.
I saw a documentary that showed the partially constructed aircraft in a vacant hangar somewhere. Does anyone know if that airframe still exists and where?
Tony Russo
So sad... sending many prayers to Ukraine. :)
ken kemper
Sure wish I had seen it just once........

Great Photo Gunz
Too bad, so sad, a huge waste.
Rick Wald
I saw this flying marvel at YYC / Calgary during Kuwait fires when that day's madman scorched the earth, and Canada's SAFETY BOSS well control company flew their state of the art firefighting equipment out in her! Couple more time with huge natural gas compressors for pipeline construction, in , ironically, Russia!! I had to slow down on the freeway to keep a good look at her, as the Chinook Wind she was landing into (empty)was Howling 'bout 90 mph, and ground speed was Very Slow!! When she was here for Operation Shoe Box (toys for tots at Christmas overseas ), was the only time I've seen her go out basically empty, as that load of Christmas Shoe boxes weighed about 6 tons ; at the end of the runways usual viewpoint, she'd Already made her turn, and was gone! It was the most Majestic banked turn that I've ever witnessed!! I Had awesome pictures, then lost the memory card in Hawaii!!

Gonna miss her!!


P.S. : can't see 'em rebuilding her; Big Gas and Oil construction programs that kept her busy, are a thing of the past, apperantly!!

Hope I'm WRONG!!
This bird was an artifact of technological humans and engineering in the same league with the antiquities destroyed by the various acronym’d gangs across Eurasia.
C'était formidable.
Carl Hahn
I was hoping to see a post in memory of this beautiful giant. One of many tragic outcomes of Putin's thirst for revenge and power
jochen denet
El Antonov , que máquina tan increíble .
Hopefully the sister airframe can eventually be completed. Sadly, a great aviation achievement has been destroyed senselessly.
Unforgettable and incomparable Mriya...! The Great Bird will be reborn... like the Phoenix from the ashes...!!!
The destruction of the Mriya was an act of deliberate terrorism. All my solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with the Antonov company.
Donn Avers
Everything has an end, but this was too soon.
Bror Monberg
Is the evidence conclusive it's destroyed? If so, senseless loss to all of us who love aircraft. Here's a short vid of the 225 on final, then landing. https://twitter.com/i/status/1497963593563791361
I saw this behemoth in Oakland, CA back when it was still new in the early 90s, and then barely missed seeing it in a flight back to Oakland three or four years ago. It was an unpublished flight, and the sad thing is I was having dinner a mile from the airport, or I would have zoomed over to see it. Rest in Peace [and pieces] Mriya.
Lee Richey
I was fortunate enough to get to see this beauty land and then a few days later take of from Bradley International (BDL) several years ago. What a great experience! Was shocked that the Russians destroyed it a few days ago but heartened when the article said they were going to rebuild. Said the cost would be over $3 Billion and take around 5 years.
a b
Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060) SO SAD ... GOD BLESS UKRENIA 😢☮🙏🕯
Henry Hughes
Wow. Almost twice the capacity (by Kg) of a C-5.
Such a pity that this rare bird was destroyed. I wonder what will happen to the unfinished sister ship. I wouldn’t be surprised if both met the same fate. Such a pity.
renato basso
Ficou para a história. Impossivel de ser reconstruido
Jan Esbra
I take my cap off, for all the different pilots, co-pilots, crew, who safely flew this plane for so many years, taking off and landing safely each and every time!!! Bravo to all, what a pity, that the terror of war ended the life of this flying marvel.
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