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BOEING 767-300 (N345AN) - Aborted Takeoff  and evacuation 10/28/16 at KORD due uncontained  engine failure.
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BOEING 767-300 (N345AN)


Aborted Takeoff and evacuation 10/28/16 at KORD due uncontained engine failure.


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Mark Thomas
Keith, were you on that plane? I notice there are people with their hand luggage again...
Roy Hunte
Darryl Sarno
Incredible shot. Also the photographer maintained composure.Is that a guy about to jump with a hand carry?
Kris Durbin
Is that the F/O evacuating before all the pax are off!?
c m
Hey,lady, we don't have all day here. I'm goin'!
Mark Thomas
I wondered that too Kris! I wonder if he is the chief purser or member of the cabin crew. Either way, he's got hand luggage too!
Does anyone know if anyone from the British Airways fire were fined for taking their luggage down the slides during an evacuation?
Does an emergency evac HAVE to happen in 90 seconds or is that just a target to aim for? How long did it take to get everyone off this flight? I was alway sceptical about the mock evacuations done by the manufacturers with trained and un-panicked staff until an Air France A340 went off the end of runway 24L here in Toronto. All pax were off in 90 seconds using only half the exits with fire and smoke becoming a very real concern very quickly.
Can they lock the overhead bins?
Mark Thomas
Sorry for taking up all the space here but these kinds of things bring up so many questions. The people by the over wing exits, what's going on there, one guy looks like he's trying to climb back in! The man with the white hair in the foreground looks like he's just casually strolling away and that slide looks STEEP! What is burning to cause that thick black smoke, is it just jet fuel?
Steven Macom
Amazing photo. This is the reason I never wear shorts, short-sleeved shirts, or sandals when flying; you never know when you will need to go down the slide, or when a fire will occur. Things happen!
Keith SwansonPhoto Uploader
Yes, I was on that plane in row 3. We were accelerating down the runway for T/O when there was a bang and a shudder, followed by a very quick stop. Someone shouted fire and I looked back and saw major flames near the right wing. Then headed for the front exits. Seemed to take awhile before they were opened. I suspect waiting for the Captain to ok. Then out the left front exit and down the slide. The slide is no joke. Its a leap of faith and a long way down. Moving pretty fast with nothing but tarmac to stop you! The uniformed person was another pilot who was commuting and not on duty. Thee were several uniformed crew members who were in the cabin along for the ride. Some idiots did apparently open overhead bins and grabbed luggage, but they were only a few of those. Overall I would say the evacuation was reasonably orderly considering the size of the fire and the proximity to the cabin. We were very lucky. a minute ore two later and we would have rotated and probably had a devastating crash. The Crew was very professional.
Roy Hunte
Mark the heat of the fire may actually have caused the aluminum skin to catch fire, as well as polymers and adhesives in the wings and the fuel tank liners causing the thick black smoke. Polymers burn with an awful smoke, and when aluminum actually catches fire (requires a great deal of heat) it burns with a black, oily smoke.
Mark Thomas
Glad you made it out Keith! Thanks for the details, it's a fantastic shot!
Kris Durbin
Wow, Amazing story, Keith. Here's a question I have always wanted to ask about a situation like this? What has the aftermath been like? Have you been hounded by the media? Did you get your luggage back? What kind of contact has the airline had with you? Do you mind sharing some more?
Scary, but good shot it reflects whats happenning
Talk about timing....
Greg Zelna
And here we have a pax (blue shirt) who's taken the time to retrieve his bag.
Greg Mahar
Is the aircraft a write off?
Matt Lacey
I don't think that's aluminum burning. It's definitely incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons, i.e. jet fuel and structural composites. If someone has a video of aluminum making that much smoke, I'd love to see it.
David Seider
And not only the people with their carry-ons, but notice the footwear of the two women in the foreground. Tall spikey heels. Yikes! Each should thankful that she didn't break an ankle!
Roy Hunte
Matt Lacey, apparently you didn't read my comment properly, I actually listed aluminium as the last item, including polymers and adhesives first. No hard feelings. Hope this never happens to anyone else. Would be scary for me, for sure.
Keith SwansonPhoto Uploader
Kris, the aftermath as been very benign. We did get all our luggage back including carry-ons & a few lose articles. The only thing we haven't gotten back was our absentee ballots which we were planning on filling out on the flight! No press, American called me today about any expenses that we incurred as result of not having our bags and told me how to get reimbursed. It is really just starting to sink in on how close a call it was. I am amazed with all that fuel burning there wasn't an explosion. I definitely think the plane is a total loss as the whole left wing pretty much melted. A similar incident happened on another American 767 at LAX about 10 or 12 years ago with no passengers on the plane. It was written off as a total loss and from the pictures it didn't have as much damage as this one. My wife was really bummed because this plane had the new interior and was really nice in First Class where we were and the flight the next day was on a 737 with a really old interior! Small price to pay for being alive in my opinion! I really enjoy everyone's comments.
Is the woman with the stiletto and platform heals heading back to see why the slide didn't explode when she went down?
Minh Nguyen
Those guys with hand luggage are lucky the fire wasn't really bad. If it had been, they'd be passengers done medium rare, slightly scorched on the outside. Always listen to the crew, people!
Keith SwansonPhoto Uploader
Believe me the fire was really bad! I guess when you get close to200 people together there are bound to be a few thoughtless, selfish ,and stupid ones in the group. I like the rule to keep important documents, i.e. passports, ID's, wallet , cell phone, and shoes on your person during T/O and landing. I talked to one of the passengers that was seated next to one of the over wing exits on the left side and he related that the door was really heavy and fortunately he was helped by a pilot who was in the seat next to him. It was a successfully executed evacuation based on the outcome of no fatalities or serious injuries.
Kris Durbin
Thanks, for being so willing to share about your experience, Keith. Amazing, terrifying, and surreal for me to look at this picture and read about your events. I cannot even begin to imagine how it feels for you. Safe travels home and good luck voting (if someone hasn't already voted for you!)
Buck Pickles
How about the old guy just strolling along like he's in the park on a Sunday afternoon
Cade Emtage
Great shot
I can't imagine you would turn around and take a shot in that panic!!!! Nice going 5*
Nick Fenton
For those who are curious, 345 has been written off. First 763 hull loss for AA. And hopefully the only one.
"Ladies and gentlemen pay no attention to whats going on behind the aircraft. We would now like to begin boarding section C of today's flight, for those of you holding a boarding pass with Section C noted in the upper left hand corner of your boarding pass or e-ticket you may now begin boarding."
This is why I try to make my carryons a drawstring bag you can go down slides in thoses and they don't hurt
There is a guys just strolling away
Jim T
The the guy in black I can hear him now. "Well.. . this is the last time I fly american.... when am i got to get to.,... Newark!!!"
Hi Keith. That picture is awesome. I work at the firehouse that was first to respond to AA383. I am trying to get some good full resolution pictures for the firehouse. If you can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

brian @ kehoechicago.com
Crazy, incredible photo and thanks for sharing your experience Keith. Photojournalism at its best!
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