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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (NX529B) - "Fifis" flight deck while on the ramp at Tom Sharp Jr. Field, Huntsville Executive Airport, Meridianville, AL - May 25, 2018.
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (NX529B)


"Fifi's" flight deck while on the ramp at Tom Sharp Jr. Field, Huntsville Executive Airport, Meridianville, AL - May 25, 2018.


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Charles Peele
Perhaps you might have simply picked up the American flag from the floor of FiFi's Flight Deck! Shame!......CTP
Charles Peele - "Perhaps"... in your haste to leave a negative comment, as you have repetitively demonstrated a marked propensity for doing, you failed to notice that this American flag is not on the floor of FiFi's flight deck... but rather it is furled and laying in the co-pilot's seat!!!

You also failed to see the inclement weather outside the cockpit... meaning it was raining there in Alabama two days ago at KMDQ.

Otherwise, this flag would have been hoisted up thru an opened upper cockpit window for unfurled display, as is normally done at airshows when FiFi is parked.

Here's a hint for you... that's why the flag is furled and inside the cockpit... and all the hatches are buttoned down, so to speak!!!
CTP - One other consideration you might consider when criticizing Rick Finch, the photographer... I seriously doubt his feet were permitted to go any higher than the top rung of FiFi's boarding ladder for this shot.

That says he could not have reached said flag even if he were compelled to do so.

By the way, it's always a prudent rule when given such special access as a guest photographer to never disturb, move, or touch anything in the cockpit of an aircraft!
Rick FinchPhoto Uploader
Hey, Charles, that was as far as I was allowed to go AND one of the flight crew was sitting just outside the picture on the right side. I hope you were joking with this post, otherwise you must just be a gigantic jerk.
Charles Peele
Tsk,tsk,tsk! It's a good thing days of film have passed. Otherwise I'd believe yall'd been sniffing hypo!
Kobe Hunte
Charles go find somewhere else to be negative and annoying to people that are just trying to take good pictures!
Charles Peele
I have a strong feeling that something was wrong with your attempt at shooting a "good picture" of CAF's Doc. I and my camera have never been anything but invited at any CAF presentation! That's both inside and outside. By the way, are any of y'all CAF members or ever been anywhere but safely behind a lens. As far as it goes with the flag, no I did not notice inclement weather out side the cockpit---guess I blew that one. "Find some where else?" Who died and made you land lord?
CTP... Lemme see here... Rick Finch has uploaded slightly over 1,000 quality aircraft photos on Flight Aware's site and has provided pertinent and relative identification and location info on most all of them.

You, on the other hand, have only shared 2 photos here and both are lacking identification and location information in the appropriate fields.

You have, however, posted over 80 often criticizing and snippy comments... some in regards to a FA member failing to provide the very same information for an uploaded aircraft photo.

Now... what is this you're saying here... "I and my camera have never been anything but invited at any CAF presentation!"???

I'll concede you certainly can "talk the talk"!

So how about sharing a few of those photos that you and your camera have captured at such "CAF" events?

CTP... can you "walk the walk"???
Viv Pike
Cliff - you've had a look at the pics posted by CTP ....
Look what I happened upon.

Isaac Vogelzang
Charles, unless your alias is "Channing Frampton", I find it hard to believe that you have even picked up a camera, much less posted more than one photo of your own!
Viv Pike
Isaac - the photo I referenced was taken in 2015 (and has a watermark copyright on it) crediting the photographer as Mr Ken Stoltzfus, also referenced in the article. You can clearly see this by saving the image and then opening the full photo from your PC.
Isaac Vogelzang
Sorry Viv,
I thought the photograph was taken by the person who wrote the article.
Viv Pike
No worries, Isaac - an honest oversight. There is no watermark visible on the pic in the article. I only saw it after I downloaded the photo from the website to crop it to the exact same pic as seen on FA, posted by CTP.
Viv Pike & Isaac Vogelzang - Yes... I also found the Ken Stoltzfus copyrighted photo that is dated 2015 after seeing your first comment, Viv. It would appear that "someone" borrowed that photo, cropped it to remove Mr. Stoltzfus' watermark, then uploaded it to FA's site! The two images are otherwise identically the same.
Charles Peele
Ran a dark room for many years. Still miss the smell of Developing Chemicals. Y'all seem to love to gang up on a vet! Sorry guys, I know how good I am--I've walked the walk and rolled a many a 36" can. I love the art and will continue to criticize. QUANTITY DOES NOT PRODUCE QUALITY. Looks like y'all are pissed cuz someone is finding defect! Like spoiled children can't accept criticism!............CTP
Charles/CTP - "Vet" of what? Running a "dark room"? Is that an excuse for your often capricious and unwarranted comments criticizing the photo efforts of others?

Competence in a photo dark room doesn't make one a "photographer"... it simply means they have obtained desirable technical skills.

As far as your claim to "walk the walk" as a photographer... the only "proof" we have so far are two photos as you submitted about two years ago... and one of those two is quite obviously not your original work. It was "borrowed" and purloined from the original photographer!

Yes, you are certainly free to "criticize" all you desire... but my sincerest apologies to you, sir. It would seem that you have "unzipped your fly", so to speak, with that one photo upload in question. In doing so you've lost any honest and genuine credibility as a photographer here.
Charles Peele
"Upload?" Not this one! I have only rendered "downloaded", in my septuagenarian life time for public view, one picture! I know how good I am and don't need to show off" a bunch of the same old same olds. Let's simply claim you have a fine vocabulary and a mess of simpletons kissing your
Charles Peele
So have fun with this. There were two pictures. NWA Eisenhower Special DC-3 flown by Capt Geo C. Boice, my Father in law, and a shot of a very badly taken care of Constellation. I own the DC-3 and I believed the Connie to be PD. So there. Now brave one, when's the last time you trailed into the Everglades after a fiery crash and a lot of dead bodies?..............that's 30 from me CTP
Charles/CTP - That's fairly well the exact "retort" as I was expecting from you!!!

You certainly don't disappoint, do you? :-)

But that's okay... prattle on, sir... and bluster all you want! We might even humor you a bit here and there along the way.

But the truth is out now... and your credibility is indeed in the proverbial toilet.

Those that can do... and quietly demonstrate it... like Rick has done.

Those that can't... well, some of 'em only talk about what they "can do".

Funny thing is that no one has ever seen what they can do... and in worse cases those who can't will try to claim false credit for the honest work of others.

There ya go!!!

Good day to you, sir!!!
Charles Peele
CAN DO WHAT? You don/t want to come close to walking in my shoes. NUFF SAID!!!
Mark Thomas
Ooh, I'm getting popcorn!
^ Ditto.
Charles Peele
AT least everything I have printed was adjacent to my Christian Name. You however hid and continue to hide behind a pin #ID. As I have said---NUFF SAID CLIFF!!!
Charles... with all due respect, sir, and with sincere humility... I've had my share of death and extracting dead bodies in the past. It's not something that I care to think about often or revisit... nor even discuss in conversation. Let's simply leave it at that. Again... I bid you farewell... and good day to you. Please be on your way and may peace be with you.
Charles/CTP... you are like a stuck phonograph needle here... same old same repetitive jabbering.

First, you want to deflect the topic by espousing about running a darkroom... then you follow with an attack upon my character... followed by your attempt at making light fare of "borrowing" the Connie photo... and next trot out your claim of assisting in the aftermath of an airliner crash... then accuse me of something because my "Christian Name" isn't showing...???

None of this has anything whatsoever to do with what started this conversation in the beginning... which I'll remind you was your unfounded and baseless criticism of Rick's photo!

I can only imagine what you might conjure up next to divert any discussion away from that!!!
Charles/CTP... you can keep your own shoes on... I don't really care to be in them at all. No desire to walk in them, whatsoever.

I'll humbly keep my boots on here... for as when you get started up, things get sort of "deep" in the room in a hurry... if you know what I mean!!! :-)
Charles Peele
Give it a rest! You started this are you man enough to let it rest? Obviously you don't recognize enough. As I said earlier, this is my 30.
Charles/CTP... Good grief... you are indeed a piece of work... and certainly one of the most pompous and sanctimonious individuals as I've ever encountered on the internet!
Rick FinchPhoto Uploader
Good gosh, Cliff! I don't think I've ever personally met you, but you're a great guy! I haven't even visited this photo since my first comment and had no idea it had went as far as it had. And actually, as someone who's been photoing aircraft for exactly two years this month, I DO think I do a pretty good job. So, thanks again!
Rick FinchPhoto Uploader
And Charles, veteran or not, your quote - "I have a strong feeling that something was wrong with your attempt at shooting a "good picture" of CAF's Doc."? The CAF's B-29 is "Fifi," you dork. "Doc" is owned and operated by Doc's Friends, Inc. in Kansas and "Fifi's" OPERATED by the CAF in Texas. I shot "Doc" AND "Fifi" at Oshkosh last summer.
Rick - Thanks for the kind words! And yes... this one became rather "protracted"... :-)

We may not have ever met, but if I someday make it over to one of the airports you often shoot photos at, I will be looking around to see if you're there that day.

For a photographer who has only engaged in "aircraft spotting" two years, your work is quite exemplary and very solid in my opinion.

Too, I don't recall a single instance where you have been critical of the photo work of other photographers here... nor a single time when you have posted any negative comments. Such speaks volumes as to your character!
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