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Squawks 및 헤드라인 ✈ 일반 ✈ 인기있음 (24 hours)

Traveling the World, One Ferry Flight at a Time

There’s a whole wide world of flight outside of instructing and freight dogging and airline flying. There are many interesting and rewarding ways to make a living in and around airplanes, and Sarah Rovner seems to have hit upon one of the more adventuresome ones. ( 기타...

Qantas A380 in wake turbulence encounter caused by another Qantas A380

Flight QF94, two hours after taking off from Los Angeles to Melbourne on the night of June 10, plunged upon hitting the wake turbulence of another Qantas A380 that was on its way to Sydney, the Australian airline said in a statement. No injuries were reported. The planes were separated by 20 nautical miles and 1,000 feet in altitude. ( 기타...

Eurowings launches a new route from Munich to Bangkok

Eurowings on June 15 launched another new long-haul service from Munich – this time to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Initially once a week, then twice a week from July 15. ( 기타...

Indra completes first test to manage three airports simultaneously

Simulation carried out within the SESAR 2020 project represents the first step for a remote tower capable of improving mobility... ( 기타...


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