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Sonething I don't get is that they are going to draw anything from this incident. This guys are absolute idiots and should be banned from the skies.
looking at it, it doesn't matter, BOTH were running out of fuel, who cares who has more at that point. it would just ripple if the one with 40 minutes of fuel had to go around and land again.
I think this story may be a dupe on flightaware but I do think there's more to the story, like both planes were in an emergency situation.
I agree that there's probably more to the story, but if this piece is to be believed, Qatar declared an emergency if they made a "Mayday" call. I thought the general rule of the skies is that a "Mayday" empties the airspace for the benefit of the incident aircraft.

On the dupe issue, I am not sure if it is. I tried to check before I posted it and didn't see anything similar recently.
There is another one some where because I posted on it


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