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Boeing delivers two JAL 787s - JAL's first 787s

Boeing and Japan Airlines (JAL) today celebrated the delivery of the airline's first two 787 Dreamliners. JAL is the first airline to take delivery of a 787 powered by fuel-efficient General Electric GEnx engines. ( 기타...

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This is a great move forward for the aviation industry, with many more of the larger airlines now having the opportunity to refresh and renew their aircraft stock. I enjoy long haul flights but often have to settle for at least one stop along the way, so the opportunity to have more choice of direct flights will hopefully become more common in the not too distant future. Personally, I would like to see British Airways/Virgin Atlantic liveries on the 787, a move which would tell the world that our own flagship airlines are also moving forward and not being left behind by other growing countries.
I see the idea. How come BA and Virgin did not take the first lot of A388s? Lusthansa and Air France did. Any ideas?
I'm sure Virgin may do so in the future, they do have quite a varied fleet although the 747's are continuing to serve them well on long haul non stop routes. Regarding the remaining 747's which are in service for Air France, they are getting a bit old and I know from personal experience that they are starting to look shabby on-board and sound rickety on the outside, so having introduced A388's it seems they are visibly improving their image as a major airline. BA however, in my own opinion do a much better job on the preservation side, so that their 747's still look, feel and sound very well looked after. Maybe they feel now is not the time to upgrade. What do you think?
I was surprised BA did not take one of the first batch of A388s because the UK has major financial and build stake in that machine. Maybe they just thought as I do that the 74s could not be bettered and as you say they keep 'em well. I am surprised Virgin did not take one too because I know that they like the progressive image stuff.. I just don't know. Virgin's A340s are really nice.. Have you ridden on one of 'em?
I have yet to do so, I think the A340 is a stunning aircraft and I have seen loads of documentaries on Virgins' upper class. So far the biggest I have flown on has been the 744 with BA to Vancouver and Air France to Mauritius, there was absolutely no comparison on the level of service and condition of the aircraft. I hope to take my first trip on board an A380 very soon, but have to admit, I would like to wait and see if the Virgin colours will be on it.
Let us hope that the issues with carbon fibre have been solved, finally.
I noticed on flight tracker, both of JAL's new 787s left KPAE for Tokyo Narita. I assume they are there now. Interest to see where JAL starts to use these new 787s.
Looks nice. Can't wait for the 787-9; The length will look more proportionate with those large engines. - It's nice to see notices of deliveries, instead of delays.
It says in the article .. Boston (BOS) and San Diego (SAN) for these 787's.
99NY 1
For a second there I thought the paint shop crew had screwed the pooch on the livery...I didnt know JAL had gone back to its old colors.
Good call by JAL...right airplane with the right engines.
Finally, it is about time...
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Japan Airlines 787 first two 787 flying back home

First two JAL 787 on their way
tbpera 0
hope it's to the West Coast.... but probably not...


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