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SWA #3519 Diverted

Southwest Airlines Flight 3519 was diverted to KOAK reporting pressurization issues. ( 기타...

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Appears to be the flight:
Has GOT to be more efficient ways to move people from San Fran to Oakland.
Haha! You'd think so but I am still guessing it beats taking BART or driving across the Bay Bridge.
..It was scheduled for SFO-DEN

[This poster has been suspended.]

Squawks about emergency landings are welcome, particularly if it resulted in non-standard holding patterns or a diversion to an unscheduled destination and the flight track can be found on our site. Viewing the unusual flight tracks is one of the more compelling use cases of the historic maps feature.
Agreed! (Hence my poorly received, or just unfunny joke above about efficiently moving people from SFO to OAK)
If you don't like to read squawks about emergency landings, you can just scroll down the page another quarter inch and read the next one. This is a website about aviation and aviation news, and things like emergency landings are interesting to many of the people here.


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