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Wary airlines preemptively ax 6,800 flights as Sandy nears and could reach 14,000 flights

Hurricane Sandy is still more than 24 hours away from making landfall in the U.S. Northeast, but already travelers from as far away as Europe and Asia are feeling the storm’s wrath. Airlines have preemptively canceled nearly 7,000 flights in advance of the storm, affecting not only big U.S. airlines like United and Southwest but also international carriers such as Qatar Airways and Lufthansa. Flight operations will grind to a trickle — if not outright halt — tomorrow (Oct. 29) at major airports… ( 기타...

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Are any of the airports at risk doing anything at all to ask carriers to relocate grounded aircraft further inland to prevent potential damage should Sandy get vicious? Cancelling services is fine as long those airplanes are in a fit condition to take to the air again!
Well,if you are much of a steward, let alone a pilot, you will not fly into the teeth of a hurricane. In this instance the airlines have chosen the flights to cancel, not the pilots. You may rest assured that the airline guru's have flown the aircraft out of harms way. Most folks would not leave an umpty someodd million dollar asset on a flood plain,LGA,JFK,EWR. with the expectation of a phenomenal storm surge on the way. If they did I suspect that their insurance guru's would have something to say about that. And Sandy has already gotten Vicious!
Good Move! It doesn't take a brain surgeon for a Momma to protect her babies! They were in "Harms Way"!!! Get them out of there!
CRUISELINE IMPOSES CANCELLATION FEE FOR SANDY'S EFFECTS ON AIRLINE TRAVEL. Imperial Majesty Cruiseline Vacations out of Fort Lauderdale will charge a $250 cancellation fee if you cancel your flights and cruise because of Hurricane Sandy. Complaints may only be in written form by fax or letter to iMPERIAL MAGESTY CRUISELINE VACATIONS -Compliance 2419 E. Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. Call Reservations Dept Toll Free at 1-888-217-2620 (Attn. Angel or Beverly) for details.
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U.S. Airlines Cancel 4,700 Flights Ahead of Hurricane Sandy

U.S. airlines have canceled more than 4,700 flights due to depart Sunday and Monday, ahead of the expected landfall early Tuesday of Hurricane Sandy.

Airlines canceled 1,030 domestic and international services on Sunday and a further 3,680 due to depart Monday, with east coast airports expected to decide later Sunday whether or not to close.

Airports from Washington, D.C. up to Boston were implementing contingency plans, with the ability of staff to reach work and control towers to remain open in high winds among the key concerns.

Most air traffic control towers close when winds reach 60 to 70 knots, but many of the early disruptions are because of mass transit shutdowns that have affected the availability of airline and airport staff, FlightAware said. New York is shutting down its transit system beginning at 7 p.m. local time on Sunday.
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Airlines preemptively cancel 3,200 flights as Sandy menaces coast

11:01AM EDT October 28. 2012 - Airlines have already canceled more than 3,000 flights because of Hurricane Sandy, which is not expected to make landfall until sometime tomorrow.

Flight-tracking company says 707 U.S. flights have been canceled already today (Oct. 28), with the highest number coming at Newark Liberty airport – a major hub for United.

Monday's flight schedule has taken a bigger hit with the preemptive cancellations, with the tally currently at 2,499, according to FlightAware.


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