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FedEx 727-200 Short Field Landing, with audio! Its last flight.

Merrill Field, Alaska now has a 727 as of Tuesday 26 February 2013. This was the last flight for the FedEx 727-200. The plane used about 2500 of the 4000 foot runway. It was retired from service and donated by FedEx to the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Aviation program, which is situated at the east (approach) end of the runway. The 727 ferried from the Federal Express regional hub at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) to Merrill Field (MRI), Anchorage’s general aviation… ( More...

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Peter Douglas 15
An excellent video. Brilliant landing. And I liked the bit about the traffic jam at the end - 727's are obviously rare up there, so every man and his sled-dog came out to watch!
tpowell76 24
Brian , Thank you for sharing your excellent video. NOTE : Hardworker7 had it right. I DID plant it hard right on the numbers - That's the idea in a short field Max energy stop. Many cudos to the hard working folks that did the runway clearing / scraping / brushing before our arrival. The braking action was very good ! Tim Powell ( PIC )
arizonabrook 4
Congrats to you and the rest of the flight crew who brought this future training tool to
Alaskans. We appreciate you and FedEx for their generous donation. Awesome.
s2v8377 1
Great landing!!! I'm glad to see this 727 has found a good home for retirement. I can't believe almost all the 727’s flying in the US retired. I guess I'm getting old!!!
Devin Caliri 1
john rytkonen 1
tpowell76 Tim...was that short field landing a record for the 727? What was the touch down speed? Were you able to practice the procedure elsewhere?
tpowell76 1
No I don't believe it ws any kind of a record. We were at 107,000 Lbs - Vref was 112.When we brought the A/C up to ANC Intl. on the 24th I shot two tounch and go's and a short field full stop on 7R.
Mike Scaduto 0
I think the United 727 landing at Meigs a few years back was close to if not the record. Regardless, great job Tim!
Peter Douglas 1
How do the record keepers measure the distance taken when (in this example at Merrill) the aircraft didn't actually stop but rolled on until the end of the runway?
ace005 12
Nice video! The spectators probably enjoyed the 2 go-arounds!
conmanflyer 13
When they donate the planes, the pilots take great pride in showing what that airplane can do.. those pilots do a good job each and every time
ace005 2
Or 3, can't remember.
What a great donation, gotta figure even in scrap/parts this bird still worth 600,000+. Good on FedEx
Michael Fuquay 6
I was more impressed with the tug at the end ;)
Philip Muth 1
Brian Ireland 6
Thank you for the kind words everyone. It was an impressive site and this video was a lot of fun to put together. I put it together for people to see so feel free to share.
Chris Donawho 5
Awesome. Video was good, audio was great. One small bounce, but overall, the short field technique was pulled off masterfully. Couldnt have done it better myself... In fact, couldnt have done it myself, period.
Paul Bishop 3
Beavis and Butthead said it so succinctly. "That's cool"
Darren Shields 3
I find it ironic that the last flight of this 727 and the one donated to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry were both into fields name Merrill. In the case of the earlier one KCGX, Merrill C. Meiggs.
ric lang 2
Yes, and too bad that idiot Daly had the balls to destroy the runway late at night using Dept. of Streets equipment to do it. Imagine, a Federal property with a tower, & of course, as head of the Chicago Democratic machine (same machine that put another idiot into national politics) got away with it!
Darren Shields 1
Peter Douglas 1
Ok, having seen this video about the delivery to Meiggs field, I now have a question - Why did they bother with the landing on a small-plane runway when they are shipping the whole thing to another state to prepare the 727 for the museum, then shipping it back again to the museum? Surely they could've done that more easily by flying it to Indiana and shipping it back.
suz 3
Very well done!!! And good for FEDEX too.
SootBox 3
There's an old FedEx 727 sitting at Sioux Gateway in Sioux City at the MidAmerican Museum of Aviation which is in the process of being turned into theater as part of the museum displays. Even connected to the main building with an old jetway. You'll also see a full cockpit and crew cabin of a United 737. I think also one of the displays is the 707 cockpit used by the ABC show "Pan Am".
jim garrity 3
I have flown in&out of MRI many times, and would never think of a B-72 landing (much less taking off)! It was at min. landing wt. and of course great flying skills!! You couldn't really see it but MRI is surrounded by homes. UAA, your very lucky to get a fine,working a/c.
Aaron Donnelly 3
FedEx just delivered a B727 to McClallen(MCC) airport. Very cool! Thank you to FedEx for donating their old aircraft
hardworker7 3
Very nice! PIC really planted it on touchdown. Always entertaining to see what an empty airliner can do in situations like this. Kudos to photog for staking out a great vantage point!
Jeanette Dohnt 3
I thoroughly enjoyed the video, being a plane fanatic. I still get excited each time I see an aircraft land. That was a fantastic video. Thanks for that
Joy Hamilton 1
I am with you on all counts Jeanette. The sounds of the engines thrill me to no end. I was that way before my son ever started flying for FedEx.
Jeanette Dohnt 1
Just think how excited I get when I see FedEx arriving in South Australia
ken young 2
What a shame that Boeing or another mfgr could not come up with a modern clone of this iconic aircraft.
ric lang 2
I love these 3 holers.....I have a buddy (a carrier qualified pilot) who got a J with some airline running 3 holers & got fed up with riding sideways so he quit and went with Northwest. Guess what? Was riding sideways again, but in beautiful country.
Anson3 2
What a great airplane, a classic in every regard. I'm proud to have been able to maintain a fleet of them at United Airlines prior to their retirement, only wish I could have piloted just one!
Brian Bishop 2
I miss seeing the '27's coming to the Fedex teminal here. Nice Video. Thanks for sharing.
matt jensen 1
I just miss 27's period!
Karen Hessert 2
It was an incredible sight...I was standing on a taxi way watching....I fly in and out of Merrill on a regular basis in a little Cessna 152/172 and seeing a huge plane like the 727 land here was definitely unique and probably something we won't ever see again. Great video of it Brian!
Michael Fuquay 2
Let's here it for brakes!
Dave Frandin 1
Just curious.. Could that 727 take off from that field, obviously completely empty and minimum fuel?
Could not agree more, 727 great bird, lucky to see them here in Hamilton quite frequently.
Clam Shell 1
Eric McNett 1
Awesome video! I missed the one coming in to KGEG Spokane Intl. but is still nice to see it sit there, should see if i could get a tour of it!
James Konkel 1
2500' of 4000' runway??? WOW!!!! Having been on both fields, I can attest to how tight Merrill is! Bravo Zulu to the crew. Couldn't have asked for a better day to do it either! Now if only they had shown the traffic jam......
Peter Douglas 2
Here is a video of the event with views of the packed carpark.
James Konkel 2
I believe that if you look again at the signs, you will see that this is actually a car dealer's lot! ;-)
Ron Hallman 1
So very cool !!
Joy Hamilton 1
Awesome landing. Great photography of a special event thanks to FedEx.Loved how many people came to watch as a great crew landed this plane.
prvande 1
reg barnsdale 1
I am fortunate to never tire of watching a magnificent pilot maneuver his craft. Well done; kudos to FedEx and Brian!
David Morrison 1
Well done John!
oowmmr 1
That is fun to see the large aircraft being flown like small GA, does show what a pilot can accomplish.
John Eldridge 1
Beautiful text book landing, 10 points to the pilot.
LittleT 1
I remember the days of getting to fuel those great FedEx 727's. I miss them, but I am glad that they are being sent out to schools that can use them for their Aviation programs.
David Morrison 1
Hey Tim. I didn't know it was you with John. Nice job, BOTH of you!
tpowell76 1
Thanks Dave,

We both enjoyed it. Great people up there !
Leonardo Lage 1
Great video, great plane, great experience on the part of the crew!
alain amyot 1
good video
Beautiful short field landing! It is nice to see those old birds still in the air!
manuel marino 1
muy buen video
Ed Angel 1
What a great landing! I love the 72s. Bring tears to my eyes. Kudos to FedEx.
I didn't see it any where, fed ex donated a 200 to lakeland sun and fund to be used with their class rooms and other groups. Thank you
Noal Johnston 1
Flew the 727 for several years. I was my Favorite!!
AWAAlum 0
John McCasland 1
Thanks crew,FedEX,field and poster. I enjoyed this very much!
Noal Johnston 1
Great job guys! It's sad to see the 72 become extinct! Ya did good!!
john rytkonen 1
I first saw it on FACEBOOK. Thanks for sharing.... Perfect in every way.
Did they capture any video from the cockpit? There is not flying like ALASKA flying!
Was the landing any kind of a record for short field landings? I too, will never forget flying as a passenger on the 3 holer!
AWAAlum 1
I keep seeing that expression - what's a "3 holer" ?
Lostcreekflyer 1
I was told many years ago that the 727 was the first airliner to have three toilets on board and hence was known as a "three holer". Maybe I was being punked!
ric lang 1
Kenneth Kibben 1
Donna, It means three engines as the 727 was a tri-jet.
ric lang 1
AWAAlum 1
Ahah! Thanks much Kenneth.
James Konkel 1
And I thought it meant 3 in the cockpit.....
john rytkonen 1
Correction.... There is NO flying like ALASKA flying. (sorry for the error)
rodney harris 1
very cool indeed
fundiks 1
That was an awesome video!! Sad to see the 27's slowly disappearing. Wouldn't doubt if this was a former UAL tri-motor. We called them stretch 27's on the ramp. Remember turning trips with like 230 bags in the front pit, and 2 grand of mail and 2 grand of freight in the rear pit. Great plane!! Was the workhorse of the industry for many many years.
rjc5163 1
This wasn't a Fedex crew who landed this was it? We normally turn that over to someone else for these types of things.
tpowell76 1
WAL/DAL Western / Delta F/O AAL ( American )
Mike Malin 1
Love the aircraft .
john cook 1
That was Double FUN.
A sad ending to a great bird. To bad they didn't do a couple of high speed passes. That wasn't a bounce, just the struts absorbing the energy.Flew capt 727 for 10 yeras. Miss her.
Gat video and audio .. Good Luck to UAA Aviation .. Have fun ! The last 727 I recall being on, is now owned by San Jose State University Aviation now located at KRHV .. Donated by United Airlines
beautifull job!
Tim Duggan 1
That is cool, a tribute to a wonderful airplane that I have the privilege of about 3,000 hours in. (NOT that particular jet, of course! The B-727 in general, I mean).
jim garrity 1
Those of us "old timers" remember when the 737 had to have a F/E? Talk about least in the 72, you could do your 30 degrees for t/o&landing! (that means the f/e had to rotate his seat 30 degrees facing forward for take-off/landing,for those non-pilots,it was rough on tall guys knees in the 73).
tim mitchell 1
great video....they didn't want to let the old girl go
James Simms 1
Roush-Fenway NASCAR team has a 727 to fly team members and others to/from races
tim mitchell 2
they have two
john engle 1
nice landing tim and great video brian that and 727 landing at meigs were two of the finest landings i have seen
tpowell76 1
Thanks John,

In my career I flew for Alsaka Airlines and Western / Delta Airlines in Alaska for many years. it was a great pleasure for me to return to Alaska and do this delivery.
mark tufts 1
totally awesome
JetMech24 1
Did you not notice the hottest, most popular, story on FA right now?
Alvin Werneke 1
Alvin Werneke 1
Did you not notice this is a different video of it?? ;)
JetMech24 1
I did notice, should post under the already existing squawk for the same story
katelyn merry 1
Peter Douglas 1
An equally good video as the first one. Well done. At the end, when the page reverts to youtube, there seems to be at least 4 videos of this event. We'll be able to have the subject re-posted a few more times yet. LOL
JetMech24 1
More than likely, LOL
Alvin Werneke 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Fedex Plane Lands at Merrill Field in Anchorage Alaska.

Awesome video of the Fed Ex 727 circling the field with the snow covered mountains in the near back ground to land on runway 25 which is only 4000'.
karl kettler 1
I'll go one better. In 1963 or 64 American Airlines donated a DC-6 to Parks College of Aero Tech in Cahokia, Ill. and landed it on a 1,500 ft. grass strip that had a ten ft. hedge row at the approach end. How's that for a short field landing? Unfortunately the original Parks and its campus are no more.
tpowell76 2
Yes it is sad and unfortunate that the original Parks and it's campus are no more. Now part of Aviation history. I was a student there in 1964 ( graduated in 1968 ). I learned to fly at Parks Airport, and have been lucky enough to be able to fly Boeing Jets for the past 43 years. By the way - I believe it was a DC-7 ( as students, we would sneak into it and imagine ourselves as airline pilots ). Tim Powell ( PIC of the 727 )
Mike Sawyer 1
Didn't want to watch the vid, wanted to read the whole article. Very disappointed that the "more" button after the interrupted sentence opens the YouTube app.
howard smith 1
Hard to believe that I learned to fly on ski's back in 1965 in a super cub on that field and a 727 landing there just boggles the mind. Awesome.

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arizonabrook 6
Did you get a lot of snow and ice on that there 4000' runway in St. Thomas?
Brian Ireland 5
The Big deal is that it was the final flight of this airplane as it is being donated to the local A&P school based at the airport. It's not every day a school gets a working 727 so a lot of people showed up to watch.
Bob Roehrer -2
yep. we get that part and that is all worth the hype!...but the carrier landing is what I am talking about. I took a mechanics hop 40 years ago in a Sabreliner, and the corp drivers put it on the numbers and made the first turnoff...400 feet and didn't spill the drinks. not trying to take anything away from this one...just some perspective. Like Navy65 said, not really such a biggie. (wanna talk about WWII aero feats of skill and bravery sometime?)
AWAAlum 4
Wow! You must be the absolute best there is. We're so lucky you post on FA. (Emphasis on sarcasm, just in case.)
ric lang 1
Didn't a TWA 3 holer hit the mountain on takeoff when unable to clear it? I was there about 2 weeks before the hit, and could see why that takeoff run rather than toward the sea would be tough when hot and no wind
As did American Airlines until April 27, 1976 when flight 625 ran off the end of the runway, through a chain link fence, across the road, and into a gas station where the airplane was destroyed and about half the occupants died. That was the last of the 727's there.

I landed on that runway in a C150 about a week before the accident and touched down just prior to a 727 landing. It was a striking experience watching and hearing what it took to stop that plane in 4000 ft. Seeing it done in 2500 ft (albeit probably at a much lower weight) must have been an experience.
Bob Roehrer -3
Why do the 'kids' always assume they invented everything. Not that it wasn't a nice landing...but come on....psst don't tell anyone, but its all been done before...and much if it repeated routinely!! As several of these posts imply. Only diff is no phone video's to record it!!!!.


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