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Report: Memo warns of terrorist 'dry runs' on planes

Orlando, Florida -- It was a flight bound for Florida, and some airline pilots believe it also may have been a dry-run for terrorists. The 10 News Investigators have obtained an internal memo that details a frightening incident that brings back memories of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. ( 기타...

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Falconus 3
1. If they get CAUGHT doing a "dry run", wouldn't it stand to reason that an attack will not follow? Because they got... ...caught?
2. Is this really a reputable memo, or is it just fearmongering?
3. The memo seems to be somewhat informally written by somebody who seems rather afraid of Muslims, employing arguments such as "Hmmm... Coincidence?" to solidly back up his paranoia.

Now I am not saying that there is nobody out there who would want to attack a US plane, but this article, and the associated memo, do not seem to be reflective of any legitimate threat so much as just general fear.
I think 'specific threat' would be a better term than 'legitimate threat', although the actions of four men doesn't sound like a fraternity prank.

The memos don't sound like much consideration was put into writing them, and as such, seem pretty informal. The question is whether they report existing issues realistically.

An informed populace is not necessarily in the best interests of the TSA, who would prefer the traveling masses are fat, dumb and happily ignorant of what really transpires.

For myself, I'd rather know about such occurrences and to be alert to other possible issues.
A month before the NYC attacks, James Woods (the actor) was aboard a trans-con flt BOS-LAX, when a similar dry run was done. He called the attendants, who informed the pilots, yet the flight was not diverted. When they landed at LAX - the pilots informed the feds, who interrogated Mr. Woods for three hours, while allowing the pax to deplane. Also on that flight was Mr. Atta.
Pileits 2
If a couple weird-O (men age 20-40 of middle east descent with beards) types start messing around to much in the cabin prepare yourself to take action.
Later if you find it was a false alarm, so what, at least you and everyone else is safer for it.
Obama better not pull a "Bush" and ignore it! It probably will though. We've been kissing Saudi butts for decades now.

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Sometimes, an extra set of eyes is all it takes.....


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