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Plane from Tokyo diverts to Anchorage after passenger goes 'berserk'

A commercial jetliner flying from Tokyo to New York City was diverted to Anchorage early Monday after a passenger on the flight went "berserk" and had to be zip-tied to a seat by flight attendants and passengers. Nobuya Michael Ochinero, 38, was arrested by federal agents and police officers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport early on Monday, according to the FBI. ( More...

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why did they let him fly, when noticing his disruptive actions. Should have taken him off the plane before it left.
Its never a win for the airline. If they try to take him off before the flight everyone says they're over reacting and just trying to assert authority because they have some. Then in-flight when everyone claims that flight crews are useless all look to the flight crews when people like Ochinero snap for whatever ungodly reason and now look at all the money spent to divert. I agree, I am the first to kick em off if my flight attendants feel the slightest bit of weird from a guest. Sometimes we just don't need to take people where they want to go because once we are airborne, there is no where else to go! Good on the crew for at least zip tying him down and keeping everyone else safe. People are crazy and you never know what they will do!


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