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Air Controllers in France Plan Strike for Tuesday

Travelers flying to and over France on Tuesday face delays and flight cancellations as French air-traffic controllers plan to strike over a labor dispute.Numerous airlines in Europe are warning passengers of delays and some have already posted cancellations. ( 기타...

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I respond without even reading the article. ATC provide a vital service and with the MH370 incident still to be resolved, the controllers should step back and think hard!

OK, it is now late Wednesday when I reply but it can never be justified to place air traffic at risk as if it were simply road traffic in the sky!

ATC personnel are vital and should be rewarded in accordance with the seriousness of their job but equally, they should never be allowed to place passengers at risk in the air through 'strike' action and such action should become a crime.
ATC is too vital too allow people to create sn unecessary danger by refusing to work and be allowed to return to work like that never happened.
Too bad Ronnie Ragan isn't around. He could Give them some pointers.
Ironically, the "Drugstore Cowboy" of our generation is gone, only to be replaced with the sheriff of Rock Ridge. Things ain't goin so well for the citizens, but the sheriff is takin care of Willem J. Lepetomane. If you can figure out this post, you are old, and in tune with history. Sadly it a frangible asset.
"In tune". Ha. I get it all. Just finished drawing my first year of riches out of SS. OLD I reckon. My wings ain't clipped yet though.
It's good that we ain't dead yet so we can start a stampede at the bank with all our SS money. Might pay my electric bill when they start "exporting" all the natural gas. Cheers!
You know what Wallace..I had you marked down as around 35 yrs have a youthful on line persona.
My wife does occasionally tell me to "grow up".
Like that would work.
btweston -2
I bet you're a riot on articles about illegal gun sales to Iran made to fund Nicaraguan death squads.

It's amazing that people worship Reagan, is my point.
You are assuming a lot from a tongue in cheek remark. As far as the gun deal, we (the US) are perpetually funding and sanctioning the death of some group: no matter who is president.
btweston 2
Aww, you have to pay people to do stuff? No fair.
Damn site more stress than driving civil jets around..that is for sure.
i hope the workers get what they are demanding. the corporations are always trying to screw the workers
In this case I believe the screwer is the French national government which, in and of itself is the natural way. So you are mostly right, rust never sleeps, and the screwing never stops!
I rise to a point of order Mr. Chairman!

How can you tell if a Frenchman is working or not?
If it's August, he's on vacation.
Touche, only his banker and his paramour know.
I say, pay the controllers what they want. Of all the professions in the world, that one has to be one most deserving of a decent salary. Unlike some of these homebound unionized workers demanding insane wages with 6-month vacations, bankrupting american companies, and sending jobs overseas. Thanks a lot, you union thugs!
I support this strike action. Reason: it will be very effective.
Oh please. someone tell me what week some union in Western Europe doesn't get it's panties in wad...
The best solution is to get rid of these insipid unions
Why didnt NASA send an SR-71 to photograph the junk floating in the Ocean?
The French Air traffic controllers were on strike, the SR-71 wasn't the NASA's and it isn't flying anymore.


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