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Qatar Airways Boss Accuses Delta of Flying 'Crap' Planes

The chief of Qatar Airways on Monday denied his company receives subsidies and accused rivals Delta Air Lines of flying "crap" older planes, escalating hostilities between Gulf and American carriers ( 기타...

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Absolutely, cannot help but notice aura of funk that permeates a Delta 717 interior. My experience has been after seated, and upon closer inspection usually reveals trash, stains and evidence of 'cursory' housekeeping.
That doesn't surprise me as they are really old. For example, N906AT that they took delivery of in Aug 2014 was previously owned by TWA, AA, and then AirTran before Delta took it. Most of them are like that.,N906AT-Delta-Air-Lines.php
Come on Kiddos lets play nice, What I mean by kiddos is Qatar and Delta. You both need to just get off each others cases and join one force. That is create a Alliance that will get passangers to from point a to point b in both comfort and cleanliness then sit around and grab each others throats and talk trash about one another. Where is that going to get you both.
He's got a point. The AVERAGE age of Qatar's planes is almost HALF that of Delta's NEWEST planes.


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