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More debris from Island where MH370 possible went down found

A beach cleaner has come across more debris which was found next to the B777 plane wing which was found a few days back a suitcase containing clothing and other items were found next to this big piece that was washed up on shore. Many of the island residents say they had seen the MAS B777 fly over low a year ago and it may have come down out at sea not far from the last sighting of MH370. But who is to say this belongs to the flight and just maybe it's possible the wreckage is near by and… (www.9news.com.au) 기타...

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I have seen the link looks like a suitcase or other objects will have to wait and see after testing. It should have airline tags or passengers info attached to it on handles if there readable.
Really, really doubtful that airline tags on luggage would survive immersion like that for over a year.
Agree with you there. Maybe a week to a month in salt water can preserve them but over that time they would disintergrate
It's hard to really say what this guy has but what the media say or these idiot journo's add to the story is real BS strange how this bag turns up with a plane wing piece with it.?? Anything for 30 seconds of fame.
elcockm 3
i don't think they will still be on after a year and half
If it was low enough - then yeah
zkokp777 3
Matt nobody knows how low it was or high it was when the last contact or position was when the transponders were turned off. But I have known people to confuse wide bodied aircraft as well some say the B777 looks similar to the B763 and the B767 looks like the B787?? I had a laugh and chuckle over the media about these items they say was a suitcase come one really?. It could be rubbish collected by someone on this island and left by this wing piece to make it look like it was from MH370. I will check updates to see what comes from this. But yes for sure the wing is from a B777.
I don't think it likely that two debris pieces of such different masses would drift together for 16 months. Look at the rubber duck gyre study http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/wilderness-resources/stories/what-can-28000-rubber-duckies-lost-at-sea-teach-us-about
and the debris distribution from the 2011 Japanese tsunami.
BOAC747 1
Well joel mother nature has her ways and she has proven to be very unpredictable and what she will do next . But I am not so sure with the rubbish or suitcase as it's claimed to be from the same flight. It could be rubbish floating in the Indian ocean and drifted with this piece of wreckage some how. If that's the case unless this guy is looking for 30 seconds of fame and planted it with the findings before the authorities found it.
jal6010 2
As reported months earlier that some debris came a shore on the west coast of Australia eg: wet toweled freshener in a MAS package, then a purple seat covering from a commercial jetliner, Another object was a in flight tray with MAS on it.? Then a yellow life vest with a red string with a light globe on it reading Boeing 777 in black writing found buried in the sand. Some of these things don't add up nor have the investigators have come back with the results to say it's from MH370. But I do believe what people on reunion island have said or seen there not stupid and people would know if they had sighted this big wide bodied jet flying over head easy to see and comprehended and to see logo's and names of big jets even at ALTITUDES OF 5000 Feet and there rego's are painted in big bold lettering under the main wings. I think the wreckage is out there around that area of reunion island not so much off the coast of Australia.
btweston 3
I thought that it was flown to a secret middle eastern location to undergo modifications to become a flying nuclear bomb. That was the only possible outcome, right?

Or was that paranoid, arbitrary speculation? So hard to tell these days.
BOAC747 1
No it was destine for Russia without being scoped or noticed when the transponders were turned off, but for reasons unknown Puten shot down the other MAS B777 over Ukraine to get fame.
Another font failure case.
Apparently yes more debris is coming a shore eventually it might lead to debris from the wreckage who knows maybe some parts of the fuselage were intact so finally it may have burst open from pressure. With passenger tags they would have disintergrated by now only if they were in sealed plastic they might show some identification on them.
Here is a official report and reliable information that this part belongs to the missing MAS B777 that went missing. Boeing also confirms this.

I can ID an idiot sitting in front of my computer screen..oh look, there's one now!
Little boys playing around nothing to do in life. TRy and be nice to each other you make us all laugh.
BOAC747 1
Amazing how you can ID and idiot on your screen. That makes you a bigger idiot yourself on flightaware.
I am happy for the victims families as this finally provides some
Closure to them that the plane did crash and everyone is dead.
We all knew eventually wreckage would wash up
At some point if it went down in water.
Odds are that this flap part is not the first piece of evidence from 370 to wash up on any number of beaches that may be in the ocean current path. I wonder how much rubbish that may have actually been from 370 has been cleaned up by beach cleaners such as Mr. Begue.
btweston 0
Where's Sparkie? I could go for some hilariously aggressive ignorance this morning.

[This poster has been suspended.]

You never now what people say and they could be right or wrong and possible they have flown on a B777 or someone is a aviation enthusiast on that island so don't count that out
More to the point, the plane isn't likely to have crashed anywhere near Reunion. Finding debris on Reunion is fully consistent with the ocean currents carrying it thousands of miles from the crash site.
涞 徐 2
Well,I can't agree more.
Actually,the ocean currents just pass through the coastline near Reunion.
Most Probably,it crashed near Austrailia.Then the debris …as the report
Oh Mike, I wish you could read how stupid your comment is. Yes, it's quite obvious when an aircraft is low to be able to make out which type of plane it is, and what airline. You can even do this with aircraft at 30000 FT. With a camera. Just search it up...
jal6010 2
Well said and very true and correct there. Little mike doesn't know much about what he talks about maybe if he looks up one day at aircraft he can see the distinctive decals and rego's on the plane
jal6010 0
Mike it takes a idiot to say such stupid comments anyone can see what type of plane it is like the person below says Wes Barbara Just look up and you can tell if it's a Boeing 767,747,737,A388 etc


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