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FedEx MD-11 Catches Fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

A FedEx MD-11 caught fire recently at Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. Severe damage was done to the right wing, engine and landing gear. Details are still breaking. ( 기타...

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The most impressive part for me was when I ran outside and saw a 3000 foot long trail of burning jet fuel on the runway, leading to the airplane, whose entire left wing was ablaze. I've been in aviation my entire life, and I've never seen anything like it. The pilots went out the copilot's window on a rope, and they're OK. Not my usual day at work at FLL. Strong crosswind out of the northeast, and some guys I know were watching as it happened. They said it hit pretty hard on the left main first.
ilikerio 6
here's the ATC audio:
A few initial reports from BCAD here. Official ARFF response time, call to first foam was 90 seconds. Appx fuel on landing 40,000. FLL resumed south runway ops 1:10 after incident. Underwriters value of the a/c US$10.5M.
I keep up w/N306FE w/alerts as it was the DC-10 involved in the attempted hijacking of FedEx 705. Know FedEx wants to forget it; but in my heart, I hope that it's preserved in some way/fashion as a historical artifact & remembrance.
The aircraft in this incident was N370FE not N306FE.
REALLY ????? Look @ my comment closer
What does that reply even mean? Your comment contains remarks and a link to a wikipedia article about an incident completely unrelated to this story... other than similar plane and same operator.
Fire rescue crews doused the plane with...smoke? What is this...Fahrenheit 451?
They put out the fire with AFFF
"Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue crews doused the plane with smoke, and the airport shut down operations for about an hour."

Odd way to put out a fire, if you ask me. Good thing there were no grenades handy!
DC-10, not an MD-11
smekul 8
ilikerio 3
It's a DC-10, N370FE
Technically MD-10, but I'm just splitting hairs.
For those that don't know, I believe the MD-10 is a retrofit of DC-10s to include MD-11 internals. Looking at pictures it will look like a DC-10 and show an original model as DC-10 on the registry. Correct me if I'm wrong...
The FAA registration shows N370FE as a MD-10-10F serial number 46608.
chalet 1
You are quite right
rflorki 1
Some additional info regarding the model confusion. The DC-10 to a MD-10 is the retrofit conversion to eliminate the Flight Engineer Station. This is done by installing the cockpit control and instrument configuration of the newer MD-11 on the DC-10 airframe. Once complete the only real difference cosmetically is the absence of winglets on the Md-10 which are installed on the MD-11.
Correction: Left wing, engine and landing gear
DC-10 or MD-10 not MD-11
If it was a hard landing (as the article indicates) perhaps they downgraded the controllability to that of an MD11 as well.

Never flown the MD10 or 11, so only making light-hearted inference to the control challenges Fed-Ex in particular seems to have with landing the Widebody Trijet (MD11 - don't recall issues with the 10)
Is there a chance, no matter how slight, we can keep these threads free from the continual slanging match from members who should know better, who just want to post here to glorify themselves with comments re what what SHOULD have happened in their opinion.
No value whatsoever in these after event "Should Haves" When in control of an ACTUAL event, it is an entirely different situation than that of some here sitting back in their armchairs at home, judging from afar!
Too bad we no longer have the Preacher to make common sense from so many of the stupid uninformed comments made on a regular basis on Flight Aware. So far no Airbus slags.
After landing, gear collapsed and started burning.
IT'S a former American airlines DC10-30 it's 44 years old had a long life good old DC10'S Who called it MD 10 OR 11 it's a original Douglas DC10 aircraft many still with FED EX
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Another site says it was (?) a former UA DC10, 1972 build, converted to MD10 standards in 2003.
Delivery date Airline Registration Remark
29/02/1972 United Airlines N1809U
21/08/1997 Federal Express N370FE Converted to freighter - Stored 01/2010 to 11/2010
Fedex retrofitted it to make it an MD10.
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Fedex 910 Catches on fire MD-10

The flight from memphis to fort lauderdale intl happened on October 28 around 5:50 the landing gear of the aircraft had collapsed and caused the wing to hit the ground which then led to the engine hiting the ground.
That MD11 is most likely an MD10....


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