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Aeroflot Superjet captain charged over fatal landig accident

Criminal investigators have charged the captain of an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 in connection with the fatal landing accident at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport earlier this year. ( 기타...

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Yikes, do they have any footage?
There are lots (copied from AVHerald):
The way he bounces is crazy!
Kinda makes you wonder what Vref meant to him, cause to go airborne on the third bounce like he did means he was ref+30 or more at the original smash. "Captain", is sometimes an incorrect term. And for you jet drivers out there, wouldn't you love to see a video of what the ground spoilers were doin through all that?
Obviously, it probably meant nothing to him. Just a big old game flying a piece of junk in the sky. Where is the dignity?! I mean come on 3 bounces?! This is not a BOUNCY HOUSE for goodness sakes!


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