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Boeing's 737 Max jet to be piloted by FAA Administrator Dickson next week

Boeing's 737 Max jet to be piloted by FAA Administrator Dickson next week ( 기타...

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Lets hope Boeing & the FAA learned something from this fiasco. Should have listened to the PIC, who's complaining about the system fell on deaf ears. Seems the engineers who don't pilot these planes know more than the person in the cockpit doing the flying & using the systems.
Aren't their test pilots engineers?
I am no regulatory expert, but if the FAA is the entity that issues airworthiness certificates, why wouldn't they have staff to personnaly accompany any certification or re-certification flight?
Oh, I thought they meant Iron Maiden frontman and we’ll-known Pilot Bruce Dickinson
THE Bruce Dickinson?
Does he think taking control of the 737MAX will give me confidence in this plane? In his dreams!

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Your comment doesn't have anything to do with this subject or anything else for that matter. If you can't stick to the subject, shut up!


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