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Air New Zealand diverts flight to pick up Prime Minister

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says he was preparing to spend the night in New Plymouth when Air New Zealand called to say they had diverted a plane. Key's transport arrangements have created a minor political storm on the last day of campaigning with Labour and Mana accusing him of seeking special treatment. He is on a two-day trip through the North Island but took a plane home to Auckland last night while the campaign bus continued to Taupo. His original flight was cancelled and… ( 기타...

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Personally, that has been done here before and if he hadn't been a VIP, probably nothing would had been said about it.
Basically we need to just drop everything and tend to them.
That's what you call ensuring your companies future
I don't see this as a negative thing. Pretty good when airlines really do all they can to take care of passengers. I've seen it happen in Boston a few times on a few carriers; had a problem locally so they had one of the new-york flights drop by to pick up the passengers.
Is that plane called Air New Zealand 1 now.
Is that plane called AirForce 1 now or just Air New Zealand 1 ?


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