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The 10 Coolest Aircraft Neil Armstrong Ever Flew

Are these really the coolest aircraft Armstrong ever flew? Let the opinions be heard! ( 기타...

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they forgot the most important ones relative to the space program: the Gemini 8 Agena mission and the LEM protoype trainer. The Gemini 8 docking maneuver nearly turned into a loss of both crewman which Armstrong under coolness got it squared away just in time. On the LEM trainer (basically a large jet engine underneath a truck) something seriously went wrong on one flight and Armstrong quickly escaped before it crashed. Add both of these up and he was a good candidate for being number one on the moon.
Got to be the X-15. Think about the lack of technology back then and the things that a few men accomplished. God Speed Mr. Armstrong.
A statement declaring somebody being the 'Best Pilot in the World' makes no sense. It is more about being properly vetted, trained by the best available trainers in the best organization available, and have some very good luck! I have seen a few No 1s in their class kill themselves in a split second of unfortunate circumstances that cut their careers very short. Some of them might have reached the moon too! But NOBODY can replace Neil Armstrong for being the first to set foot on the moon. I saw it live in black and white and realized I watched the most important event in human history as far as I was concerned. Neil Armstrong and the like kept us all glued to the TV whenever they blasted off. Still having an excitement filled career of some 15.000 flight hours later, I still say they represented aviation's 'finest hour',- after all, they were all aviators then!
I have heard from the best..that Neil Armstrong is the best pilot they have ever known.
Chuck Yeager is actually said to be the best pilot ever but I'll agree to disagree my fellow aviator.
Chuck Yeager even flew with Neil Armstong...Once. Their T-33 got stuck in a dry lake bed that wasn't totally dry.
I read about that
Maybe not as famous, but don't forget "Bob Hoover"!
There is the best pilot - and then there is the bravest pilot. Nobody tops Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on bravery. That took courage and guts...I can't imagine anything related to aviation or space travel ever topping that event.
Brave they certainly are. Not to nit-pic but every combat pilot who actually goes into action faces the same thing - you live or you die.
gftt 1
Wow! Neil Armstrong was an extraordinary man.
Do they still make guys like Armstrong, Yeager, Aldrin & Hoover?
They do. You just never see or hear of them because of the Obama's, the Larry Craig's and the Maddoff's getting in the way.
jwleland 1
The Schweizer 1-26, sailplane N2749R. I know; because,I towed him into the Pike Peaks Mountain Wave with John Brittingham's Cessna 180. He released at 13,000 ft MSL, and climbed to 23,000 ft in the Wave. He earned his altitude leg (3000 metres) for his SSA Gold Soaring badge.
Nice job Matt!
ssitler 1
Neal was one of the Navy NPE evaluation pilots on the Navy AH-1 aircraft built by McDonnell Aircraft and was flown at Edwards AFB in 1958. The aircraft was later identified as F4H-1 and later known as the F4. He was a NASA test pilot at the time.
TWA55 1
I believe Neil was also test pilot for LEM test vehicle which he was forced to eject from as it went out of control...
Niel Armstrong was a man, and the best of what a man can be. Quiet dignity,engaged in endeavor's that made sense. Rocket ships, altitude and the moon...he was just a man that offered humanity a sense of something other then earth dirt..Our first personal representative. God bless him.
Yes...the X-15
When you see the memorial at Cape Canaveral, you realize how dangerous space travel is, and how brave the astronauts are. It's sobering to see how many lost their lives.
A beautifully lived Aviation life by commander Armstrong & so much contribution to Aviation industry may his wealth of expirence never part away us. Rest in peace.
A beautifully lived Aviation life by commander; Neil Armstrong & so much contribution to Aviation industry may his wealth of expirence never part away from us. Rest in peace.
Dependin on how you define "Aircraft", either the lunar lander (hands down), or in a more traditional sense gotta be the F-104.
Having watched the Starfighters at airshows for years I can understand it being on the list. That is the meanest airplane I have ever heard.


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