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Some Qantas Staff Can't Stand The New Uniforms Which Were Modelled By Miranda Kerr

Next month Qantas flight staff will begin wearing their new uniforms, though it would appear at least some are unhappy with the change. ( 기타...

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They are horrible but you are paid to work not be pretty. I had to wear all black selling stationary and a bank officer the 80's pink shirts with white collars. I assume they paid big bucks for a leading fashion designer to come up with something a 8 year old would draw with coloured pencils.
They old uniforms are uniquely Australian and look great ??
The new ones look like "irish" school girl uniforms.
Keep the Aussie animals flying !!
Over the years Qantas uniforms especially for the girls look good. This isn't one of them, the whole outfit.
Also, if you note the pic at the launch with the designer admiring his creations, he is so into clothes design that he wears a black Bonds Tee-shirt and an old jacket from the cupboard.


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