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Flying on the Breitling Super Constellation

Straight after appearing at this year’s Farnborough air show, the Breitling Super Constellation operated a special flight on behalf of its original manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, for a 45min low-level sortie around the English south coast. ( 기타...

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flew 1000+ hours on "Connie" mostly over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos late 1967-late 1968 -- this brings a little tear to my old eyes...
Have close to 500 in the Navy EC-121M I caught the end of their life in 73, I was transferred to EA-3Bs after that.
I was always a Douglas fan but I'll admit after watching this video that the Connie was much more beautiful.

I guess in those days it was Douglas vs Lockheed rather than today's Boeing vs Airbus.
Most enjoyable. Thanks!
One of my favorites. Beautiful aircraft.
My how things change. The first one flew in 1951 48 years after the Wright Brothers.
I think this one rolled off the line in 1956- 53 years after the Wrights.
That was 58 years ago. What will another half century look like?
How will our standards of A/C beauty change?
Beautiful a/c. Thanks to Breitling for sponsoring the 700,000€ annual maintenance bill. Whew!


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