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Guy Who Lives Near Airport Painted Misleading Greeting on His Roof

Mark Gubin is an artist and photographer in Milwaukee and decades ago he realized that his studio was along the flight path to the local airport. He had the brilliant idea to paint on the roof of his studio in giant letters "Welcome To Cleveland." Why? To mess with people mostly. ( More...

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preacher1 27
Good for him. It's time a little fun came back into life. LOL
bentwing60 4
BHerzog 8
Finally someone in this world with a sense of humor!
BaronG58 6
Can we only imagine the look on a student pilot's face on solo cross-country.
Loral Thomas 4
Not only the student pilot but imagine the radar controller's frustration when the pilot reports being over Cleveland!
brownbearwolf 2
If said student was on a Xctry, then said student would have know the location of the Aero and seen such outside markings for what they are,
Loral Thomas 5
Double ditto! LOL
That's hilarious.
ken young 3
That's pretty funny.....Let the passengers who are nervous nellies freak....
JEastonjr 3
"Gubin has kept a winking letter from then-Common Council president Ben E. Johnson saying that the sign was causing "outrage and panic" for some air passengers" Really? Panic.
WhiteKnight77 3
Depending on where I am at (work, home or play), I enjoy a good joke now and then. If I had known about this flying into Milwaukee a couple of years ago, I would have taken a window seat just to get a laugh. I can understand it as a joke due to knowing that FMCs are programed to fly to the right places unless the pilot messed up in the beginning an programmed it wrong.
Quackers 5
Hilarious. Sadly, a fun (and fairly harmless) prank like this probably won't last long in todays overly PC world
preacher1 4
Unfortunately, you are probably right. People just need to learn to get over it and learn how to take a joke.LOL
Duncan Wills 3
I remember seeing it on my first time to Milwaukee - that was forty years ago so if it's still there I would say it's there for good.
preacher1 1
IDK, it seems there is another one of these somewhere but I can't remember where. LOL
BaronG58 3
This past April Fools Day a business that is on the approach at LAX did this..It said "Welcome to Chicago."
preacher1 2
10-4. LOL
ToddBaldwin3 2
I'm picturing myself waking up on a flight just as we pass over his house and thinking I got on the wrong plane. That's a good one.
sparkie624 1
One thing I like about this Country... "Free Speech" - If someone can't take a joke.... Take a number and I will think about listening to it in a 100 years or so.
preacher1 1
Sad part is, the way we are changing into a PC world, a joke may OFFEND someone.
sparkie624 1
The word OFFEND on these people... They do not know what OFFEND means....
JOhn LEe 1
Ya it means "OFF End" as a polite term for a**H****
A true artist. A delight for flight visitors to Cleveland. For passengers eyes only! (not pilot crew).
preacher1 3
Hopefully the pilots will know where they are at. LOL
sparkie624 1
LOL.. I can just see a missed approach with the captain saying they thought they were at the wrong airport... :)
sparkie624 2
I love it.. LOL, I am sure it has messed with some minds...
mark stevens 1
Well for slightly different message, google earth 1 mile south west of KPQL, as this airport neighbor has a completely different view of folks overflying his house, just east and in the shadows of a white water tower..... This message is not family or child friendly.... Freedom of expression....
WhiteKnight77 1
I have stayed within a half mile of that sign and didn't know it was there. I don't recall ever hearing a plane while in that area and I slept during the day (worked nights at the local refinery during shutdowns). I had more issues with the traffic lights in the area than airplanes.
Paul Howitt 1
Good job Ryan air don't go there
Dennis Mcadam 1
My sister in laws house and particularly her red hut are on Glasgow flight path. Good for me when piloting in but not for stewardess who didn't know and gave arrival announcement for Belfast complete with agricultural restrictions.
Tom Lull 1
Anyone thinking of a couple of blonde jokes that might apply?
Chris Clark 1
Yes, many Milwaukeeans (and former ones!) have known this for years. (Snicker!!)
warren weldon 1
Have any of you ever seen what is painted on the stumps at the red river NM ski area , only visible fro the chair lifts ! It is a hoot !!! A message for their Texan clientele !!
BaronG58 1
Love Red River! Slick Willie's has the best breakfast on the planet. Are you talking about the message " 10,000 Texan's can't be wrong"
BaronG58 1
It's early. Not Slick Willie's..Shotgun Willie's.
Larry Toler 1
LOL. I thought Shotgun Willie's was a strip club in Denver, off of Colorado Ave if I remember right.
BaronG58 1
Just looked it up, it is a strip club in Denver but in Red River it's all about good food. To show how far along I am...give me a choice between strip club or good breakfast...I'm going with breakfast. :)
WhiteKnight77 1
Why not a good breakfast after a night at a strip club? ;) Maybe in my younger years, but not now.
Wayne Fox 1
I'm on the flight path for KPHX but my roof isn't big enough to make a sign that could be read at altitude. I had thought about using it to welcome Presidents for/against for many years. Gotta love this guy!
tdrane 0
Have you been to Cleveland?

(Ok, sorry.)
Mathen George -2
That Idiot should be Prosecuted.
Ewen A -7
Actually, I don't find this very funny. It's the same sort of 'humor' exercised on victim TV by people being filmed while 'pranks' are practiced on them. If you think fun at other peoples' expense is amusing then I guess you'll find it amusing, but for me I'd rather leave innocent folk alone and concentrate at poking fun at politicians and bureaucrats who take themselves too seriously ... and no doubt some will say 'yourself?'
preacher1 5
People take themselves too seriously nowadays. Granted Politicians are a good target but other folks need it every now and then too.
Ewen A -2
well I know of one or two people who need to pull practical 'jokes', but I've yet to find someone who thought they needed one pulled on them, and I certainly can't claim to know the passengers individually to sift out those who, in my opinion (as if that had any qualification or importance), deserved or needed a practical joke played on them. When we think that 'people' as a collective fall short of some vision of behavior we have then that usually says more about our insecurities and prejudices than it does about their shortcomings.
There's a lot to laugh at in this extraordinary world but upsetting a complete stranger for our own amusement just doesn't float my boat for some reason.
AWAAlum 4
Who's to know what will upset a complete stranger, but not the next one? When all is said and done, most people who have had a joke played on them will laugh along with the rest. There are plenty of things in this world of ours to fret about without conjuring up things that truly are just not worth getting so worked up over. Lighten up, Ewen.
JOhn LEe 4
We all need a wet blanket. The joke wouldn't be funny without someone complaining
preacher1 3
Like you said, whatever floats your boat.
Karl Scribner 1
Hopefully you won't see it from your boat...
Margeaux K 0
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An Old Prank Gets New Attention

A Milwaukee man takes pleasure in confusing and amusing passengers flying in to the nearby General Mitchell International Airport.


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