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Suspicious Package Prompts Terminal 2 Closure at San Francisco International Airport

The discovery of a suspicious package at a security checkpoint Sunday afternoon prompted the closure of Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport, authorities said. Passengers were rerouted to boarding area C, which connects to the terminal via a walkway, while the undisclosed item was being cleared out, airport officials tweeted. Further details were not immediately available. This story is developing. Check back for updates. ( 기타...

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akovia 1
No follow up I guess. Must have been an oversized tube of toothpaste or something.
Not long after 9/11 a security guy had me open up my bag, from which he proudly pulled out a pencil sharpener, I kid you not. He confiscated it because it has a blade! He didn't find the screwdriver I was planning to use to remove the blade---or the tweezers to hold it while I attacked someone.
so effectively someone left a case !! don't put this non-event it chills the soul for nothing. idiots. go and practise your drills where no-one can see you, or doesn't that feel u up.


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