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Your next domestic flight could have a big window in the bathroom

Aircraft windows affect everything from a plane's weight to how passengers perceive cleanliness. ( 기타...

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dee9bee 10
Pardon me if I've mentioned this before. There was a great anecdote in one of the late-great Robert Serling books about this back in the 60s. The L188 Lockheed Electra also had a window in the lav. A little old lady entered the lav, did what one does in there and exits. The window was equipped with curtains, don't know about the A220. They are at cruising altitude, mind you.

The Stewardess routinely checks the lav and finds a safety pin closing the two parts of the curtain closed!
lynx318 3
Couldn't do that nowadays, might be in trouble for carrying a safety pin???
Our's didn't have one
Cansojr 1
Thats the xxxts!
I worked for Holiday Airlines back in the 1970"s at Burbank (BUR). Spent countless hours on the L-100 but for the life of me I can't remember a window in the lav. Cool idea though especially for people that might be uncomfortable in small enclosed spaced.
"Very bright moon observed today at FL350."
I’ve never thought about it, but yes, a window would be nice, I think that it would make the cubicle seem larger.
Good idea!
Cansojr 4
At least no one can look in as far as I know. Lots of natural light even in the washroom. The main thing is that this is the "greenest" aircraft in the world. It burns 25% less fuel than it's competitors with similar load factors. I know it is the most quiet airliner that I have ever flown in. Its a great aircraft for all parties concerned.

This window is so you can see where your waste goes after you flush 😂
The window is nice to have, but it could encourage people to spend more time in the lavatory and create a waiting line. More important than the window to me is that the lavatory seems fairly spacious, especially compared to what’s being put into the 737 MAX series.
AWAAlum 2
I guess their theory is correct then..."it seems lighter, cleaner and more spacious" with the window.
I'd rather look out the window to get a view at turd-y thousand feet :) 💩
It might be a cure for constipation if you are flying through a thunderstorm.
AWAAlum 1
Should add a lot of fun for those jokesters who might just think it's great sport to stand in front of the window and flash folks before departures.
lynx318 1
Flash your butt at another plane with a sign 'Catch us if you can!'
So, if I were to flash someone on an international flight...who has jurisdiction?
Since the stipulation was "flash folks before departures", I think jurisdiction falls to the government of the ground where the plane is parked.


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