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The USAF Is Transporting COVID-19 Patients in Modified Shipping Containers

The shipping container was designed to move patients without infecting the crews of the transport planes carrying them. ( 기타...

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When you turn the folks loose that are actually working the problem, they can quite often come up with the. Best, and simplest solution. Some years back, the airmen at Ramstein, working in their own, came up with their own solution for unloading wounded.

Note the white compartment on the scissor lift. That was a homegrown solution to protecting patients from the weather.
If I was a stretcher patient, I could probably handle this because I'd be too sick to care. But sitting in a windowless box for many hours would probably drive me to the brink.
I can’t imagine it being any worse than stuck in the middle seat on a transatlantic or transpacific flight. You probably have more room in the cube.

On a serious note though, as a retired USAF medic who worked air evac, there’s not much to look at in the back of the C17 anyway. It still beats a long flight in a 130 though!
Did a few six-seven hour C-130 flights each way from BHM-BLB (Howard AFB, Panama) back in the day for Guard Annual Training during the drawdown there.

Nothing like trying to use the latrine (usually a open commode w/a a curtain drawn around around for a sense of privacy) while bucking up/down/right/left in the turbulence. Was able to schedule my AT’s around work, taking mine in early-mid February just in time for Carnaval celebrations there.

One AT, it was snowing in BHM & was actually blowing sideways a little bit. Landing Six-seven hours later @ Howard AFB, mid-80’s thunderstorms, humidity so thick you could cut it w/a knife.

Good times.
Yeah, funny, I told my dad I was afraid of flying. He told me about having to fly in a C-130 across country. You can't see, you can't hear over the noise, and it smells like you are sitting in a fuel tank. And it's HOT. THAT was terrifying. Flying commercial is a treat! Having toured many military planes since then, I can't imagine being trapped in one for hours. Yikes. America owes its veterans so much more than they get.
I had 2,500 hours in the back of C-130s as a loadmaster. You're welcome. :-) It's really not that bad with hearing protection, and it's the hydraulic fluid that really stinks, I still love the smell of JP4 to this day. Plus you get to air it out when you open the doors at 20,000 feet where it's well below freezing to kick out some SF guys on a HALO drop.
A reminder that not all passengers are self-loading freight.
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Where were they during H1N1 outbreak?


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