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Boeing cuts forecast for new aircraft demand, expects pandemic to hurt sales for more than a decade

The manufacturer expects more than half of aircraft deliveries will be for fleet replacement, not growth. ( 기타...

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Foe more than a decade
jptq63 2
Trying to figure some numbers here to help make some sense and please pardon and correct errors: 1,835 planes per year for the next 10 years(presume total market, all manufactures such as Airbus, ATR, Piper, Textron, COMAC, military, etc...? --- per article, "18,350 planes worth $2.9 trillion over the next 10" --) or ~ 152 planes a month? This, even with a 10% reduction seems like a bunch of planes per month and even more than current run rate? Per article -- Through 2039, Boeing forecast 43,110 deliveries of new aircraft, three-quarters of them single-aisle jets, which are used for short-haul routes. -- for Boeing this is the 737??? and what else, Airbus A320 family and A220? Does this also include ATR-42/72 and Q400s, E175 / E195...? I.e ~ 1,616 single-aisle plane per year / ~ 135 planes per month; average rate. Again a bunch of planes for the single-aisle production with Boeing only having essential one-type. Boeing is current max run rate is about 50 - 55 planes, single-aisle, per month; i.e. this would be only about 40% of the market per month per the publish article numbers. Numbers do not sound right or achievable if Boeing (forget other makers) reduces production now with out major investment to increase production rate some time in the future about 55 per month. Just some quick observations that are not quite adding up that well in my thinking and wonder others input and numbers calculation; maybe there are more manufactures out there than I know of....
i'm thinking a better title for this article would be:

ADXbear 1
Nothing like cheery news, seems odd that a company as wealthy as Boeing is this fragile.. maybe just to many employees and demand..
If that's the case, they should use that time to design a brand new long-range narrow-body plane.
John Yarno -1
Unless the BOD replaces the current 'management team', it will not be the beer flu that hurts their sales. The flu is world wide, most of Boeing's problems are confined to Chicago.


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