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Avianca Airbus A319 Flight In Close Call Following Balloon Strike

On December 31, 2020, Avianca’s flight AV29 was descending into Bogota’s International Airport when it hit a balloon full of New Year’s Eve streamers. The streamers and the balloon got tangled on the airplane, which was able to land safely. ( 기타...

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Because of publicity issues the airlines are usually loathe to report incidents such as this unless they have to because too many people "know". Many large airports are located in somewhat unsavory areas and are subject to random airborne projectiles. Especially around the holidays that are associated with "fireworks". For those who have never experienced life in the "'hood" I can tell you that a lot of "fireworks" are actually "firearms" and most of the idiots firing them do not have enough sense to fire the bullets into the ground instead of the air. You get the idea, I'm sure. You will not find me on an airplane on New Years eve. or July 4th. Just 'sayin.
Flew into LHR on Guy Fawkes night years ago as a passenger on a crystal clear night and was stunned by the amount of fireworks throughout the region. It easily exceeded what I would see on 4th July in California. Would I could not tell was if there were any fireworks in front of or below the aircraft. Kudos to the flight deck for staying focused on landing the aircraft professionally and not being distracted by the spectacular displays outside. Being England, it is likely all the fireworks were "fireworks"!
They squash and cover-up the amount of bullet holes they have to repair every year or nobody would fly. Some years ago a man was hit while the aircraft was waiting to take off in ATL. The story never even made the newspaper.
So, ban drugs, guns, balloons, geese....
Don't forget speech...
There are those who want to do such.
Indeed, and it's happening right in front of our eyes.
I have a saying, "be careful of what you wish for, you might not like it."
Or the old curse; "May you live in interesting times."
Buy our streamers, our streamers are best, having survived the grueling 180kt wind speed test.
What a festive aircraft! :)
Up, Up and Away In My Beautiful, My Beautiful Baloon
mariofer 5
Yes, thank you for the link. From the article, I had no idea how bad it really was.
Tim Dyck 1
Thank you for the link.
The video on this page is the same video in the tweet linked to in the squawk link above.

[This comment was deleted.]

Language Please... there may be young eyes and others of us do not want to see that.
I know, right. When Al Gore invented the internet he was sure that it would not include anything that may offend some sparkly idiot....I guess Al was wrong....
I thought drones were to be worried about, but the amount of streamers seen in that tweet video, they could have brought the plane down. smh
I'm almost positive that wasn't your run-of-the-mill "Happy Birthday" balloon! lol
That is a Very good assumpution... LOL!
Right before COVID we were about 700 feet on final at LAX when we passed a drone about 50 feet off our starboard wing tip.
Had the plane hit the ground, let there be no question, every death would have been counted as a ChinaFlu death. To that, I left Walmart just a bit ago...almost died. Then I drive a car home, almost died. Walked up my stairs, almost asteroid may have passed the earth...damn near killed me....
mmc7090 1
Big sky theory's sorta works! Hope the passengers are compensated for having the crap scared out of them. The financial risk of whom ever approved and launched the balloon should be the deterrent for or technology to add like GA visual and electronic beacons.
Que barbaridad donde estaban los controladores aereos irresponsables
mariofer 8
Que culpa tienen los controladores aereos? Ellos pueden no ver el globo en radar. Los irresponsables son los que lanzan un globo lleno de fuegos artificiales en el espacio aereo de un aeropuerto. Como siempre, culpando las autoridades por nuestra estupidez.

What do air traffic controllers have to do with it? They may not see the balloon on their radar. The irresponsible are the ones who launched a balloon full of fireworks near a major airport airspace. As always, blaming authorities for our own stupidity.
Es decir, un globo de esos, de papél metálico si puede ser detectado por un radar.
El problema es que El Dorado no tiene un radar para coordinar los movimientos de los aviones en tierra, es puramente visual. Por eso es que cierran el aeropuerto cada vez que hay niebla.
El Dorado es ILS CAT II o III?


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