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New images of MH370 debris have been released by wreck hunter

New images of MH370 debris have been released by wreck hunter Blaine Gibson who is responsible for finding or securing the majority of the Boeing 777. ( More...

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R Jolly 15
It would be interesting to see the spots where all these pieces of MH370 were discovered marked on the world map.
krispykreme 33
Randy Barron 6
That is an excellent map. Thank you!
matt jensen 3
The way the currents run through there, I always was of the opinion that the jet never made it as far off Perth as the search indicated. I believed it to be further north of Oz
matt jensen 6
A number of pieces were found on Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar
Pascal Simon 2
Yes I totally agree with you R Jolly, because not all the debris he found is MH370. Would be interesting to see where he found them.
Steve Jensen 1
A bit cynical, eh?
I can't understand why airliners are not equipped with GPS just like 18 wheelers are?
Tim Dyck 3
Yeah my boss can find my truck and tell me we’re it has been and how fast it was traveling but they can’t find a jumbo jet? Seems strange but if GPS locators are not mandatory in the countries the planes fly in then they likely won’t have them.

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Brent Bahler 3
Great conspiracy theory! By chance, do you know Q?

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Aluminum foil is in aisle 12. Wow. There are no words...
Doug Zalud 5
Wow. Just wow. SMH.
jeepien 1
It was the scarecrow that was lacking a brain, but apparently you believe that was covered up by the media and Fauchi, using 5-G emanations laced with firefly butts.

You can't fix loony.
lynx318 1
Totally wrong, the Kraken threw the remains of Amelia Earhart's Electra at it, taking it down.

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Derek Vaughn 11
This is the most foolish thing I've read in at least a year.
Yea you would think if they faked the crash they would put serial numbers on everything.
Let me guess terrorists hijacked this plane and are just waiting for the right moment to use it?
I believe in ghosts, ufo's, aliens, and the US government killing Kennedy, but there is no conspiracy with this aircraft. The pilot planned a route into the Indian Ocean on his FSX. He didnt have the guts to off himself so he took 238 people with him.
dpadhye 2
"The pilot planned a route into the Indian Ocean on his FSX". What was co-pilot doing when pilot was supposedly entering this "flight plan" in his aircraft flight computers? When today's technology can control remotely movements of a helicopter on Mars but can't find a plane on this planet, questions are always going to be asked.
Dennis Bishop 2
You seem quite sure of yourself!

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Brent Bahler 10
Process of elimination is a valid investigative method. Unless you are “quite sure” that another 777 experienced an unreported crash from which the photographed pieces actually belong, the MH370 is the only plausible source of these pieces.
David Fenner 3
mike goodsell 1
Ok, I'll believe you for a second. What evidence do you have to support your statement?
lynx318 1
"Paint colour and serial number showed the flaperon was from a Boeing 777 - MH370 is the only missing aircraft of that type"
Try again sunshine!
matt jensen 1
Serial # matched those on record. Do you know of any other 777 that went down in the same area?
Dennis Bishop -5
I agree that the aircraft did not crash, but believe it could have been ditched. Where are all the people? What other crashes can account for the bit of debris that's been found. No evidence of complete aircraft ever found on land.
John Prukop -8
You missed Ukraine. Remember the eye witness accounts of all of the dead bodies falling from the sky? Those were the dead bodies with blood removed from MH-370. Better do some research!
Brent Bahler 3
As Ronald Reagan famously said, "There you go again..." It is better to remain silent and be though a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
John Prukop -1
Brent, here's a website for you:
Derek Vaughn 2
Not sure if serious...

That would be MH-17 that was shot down by missle.
John Prukop -2
You're getting warm!
John Prukop -7
Quoting from UNDER THE RADAR 537-555 TRUMPENCE by Boyd Anderson:

"On July 17, 2014, BOTH MH17 and MH370 airliners went down together in Eastern Ukraine, with a total of 537 passengers and crew on board.

When MH17 enters Ukraine airspace, the radar records show it changes course slightly, a few degrees to the north. This is when the resurrected MH370, flying by 'wireless auto-pilot' in parallel with its twin, takes over the radar screen. In reality, both MH370 and MH17 are flying in parallel ('all together'), with a Ukraine SU-25 fighter jet directly under MH370 to hid its presence from radar detection.

One cue, the Ukraine SU-25 fighte jet shoots a huge hol into the cockpit of MH-17, killing the pilots. MH17 begins to fall, while the SU-25 fighter jet follows, continuing to fire rounds of ammo into MH17's fuselage as it drops. Finally on-board wireless explosives are detonated, and MH17 explodes about 100 meters from the ground.

With closely co-ordinated timing, MH-370 is also exploded, through the use of wireless explosives onboard. In a huge blue flash,it spews 4-month-old baby parts and plane parts, scattering the debris over 33 kilometers as it 'falls to the ground'.

To witnesses of the strike, as well as to first responders at the crash site, this would have appeared like a missile had hit the plane.

The people who picked up the body parts told reporters that the body parts were already rotting and had a distinct stench. The also mentioned that the blood had been drained from the body parts they'd found.

According to news reports found on USNews and elsewhere, 'A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash -- suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.'"

Suggest you get a copy of the book with all the documentation and references, because what everyone is repeating in this thread is what they saw on the TEL-A-LIE-VISION and the radio. And they're presentation of events is untrue!


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