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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG) - Wings over Illawarra 2016 Australia.
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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG)


Wings over Illawarra 2016 Australia.


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Bloody insane!
John moffitt
Nice shot!
Brought back good memories for me of the Connies at Heathrow some 50+ years ago
Great shot‼
Oh Wow!!
Would love to hear a sound file as she passed over.
Great pic.
This is a civilian Super Constellation thus it is a Mod. L-1049 example, not an EC-121 which is reserved for electronic surveiliance US Navy or Air Force models. A real beauty by the way.
>>> Chalet... "This is a civilian Super Constellation thus it is a Mod. L-1049..."

Au contraire, this Connie never flew a commercial passenger mile in it's lifetime... It started as a C-121C in USAF service and remained in military ownership. This one was subsequently flown to Davis Monthan AFB and later restored for its trans Pacific flight to Australia with the current VH-EAG registration.
This Lockheed C-121C was built as MSN 1049F-4176 and delivered to the United States Air Force MATS in 1955 with AF s/n 54-157. She flew with MATS, the MS ANG, the WV ANG, and the PA ANG until being retired in 1977.

More history here... http://www.conniesurvivors.com/VH-EAG.htm

And check out Mr. Joe Baugher's information on his website... http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1954.html
Stephen GardenerPhoto Uploader
I put the L-1049 has an aircraft type but said invalid aircraft, What should i put in to update to correct aircraft type? Thank you all for the nice comments
Whether military or civilian, she's a true beauty!! My very favorite. I've been lucky enough to fly in a B17f, a B29 and a B24. A Connie or, better, a Super Connie is number 1 on my bucket list!! Thanks for a great pic.
I flew on a USAF MATS C-121 from Charleston AFB, SC to Wheelus AFB, Libya with a refueling stop in the Azores in 1958. I can still hear those 4 powerful engines. They were perfectly synchronized, and the soothing sound was wonderful. One of the most beautiful aircraft ever built, IMO.
joop smit
I will never forget the sound of this plane on its way to AMS Schiphol.
Roger Blume
Flew EC121 and 121D out of McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento 1965. C The most beautiful bird in the sky. Nothing like a night take off with 12 PRT's each shooting out 6 feet of blue flame. Most amazing site in aviation.
The Navy version of this, I believe it was E-3A, about did me back in the late fifties. I was flying F102's out Suffolk County AFB, FOK, and I intercepted one of these off the coast of NJ because he was off course. It was night and dark out over the Atlantic and the ground radar controller wanted the tail number of the aircraft. All I had with me to light up the planes number was my flashlight, I wound up flying directly behind the port outside engine but I got the tail number but I also got a good taste of vertigo. I couldn't tell which way was up so I just eased the power back to get clearance and let go of the stick. I finally recovered but to this day I wondered how good the navy surveillance info was if they didn't even know they were off course.
jim garrity
Gotta love all those "flame-throwers"!
Lovely Connie, what you do to me.
Heather Lee
great shot, elegant plane
My all-time favorite bird. My first flight ever was in a 749 Connie. and the last in a 1649--all with TWA. A beautiful aircraft that always felt secure. Kudos to Lockheed and Howard Hughes...
nice shot! rare to see propeller in the air.
Fantastic shot. Pity FlightAware cannot attach sounds to shots like this. Anybody know how ???
Question. Where were you when this shot was taken please.
@ Stephen Gardener. I think you have to contact your in house internet programmer, it is not right that the software refuses typing in L-1049 which is a widely known aircraft.
@ Cliff739 ok I know that this baby was born as a C-121 (I just might have visited it years ago at the old Olmstead AFB in PA) but nnos that it is painted as a Quantas airliner and more so since it sports an Australian civilian registry is is more appropriate to identify it as a L-1049 Super Connie, not just Connie by the way. As a way of example, after WWII thusands of C-47s and scores of C-54s were sold to airlines around the world and their type of aircraft was switched to DC-3 and DC-4, right?.

I understand what you are saying in regards to popular "identification" of this and similar aircraft, e.g.- few ever looked up at an older converted surplus C-47 flying in airliner livery and exclaimed, "There's a C-47!", but rather they likely called it a DC-3.

However, any surplus military aircraft converted to civilian or commercial use usually always retains its military model identification in its appropriate government civil aviation agency registration.

This aircraft was identified as a Lockheed C-121C in the FAA registry until it was deregistered in 1994. It still retains that identification as a C-121C model in Australia's "Civil Aircraft Register", albeit using Lockheed's factory serial number (4176) rather than the USAF s/n (54-0157) as the FAA registry used.
Stephen GardenerPhoto Uploader
I was along the fence line about centre of the runway.
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