Hotel or Restaurant at BHB

Poor Boys Gourmet+1-207-288-4148
Ann's Point Inn+1-207-244-9595
Castlemaine Inn+1-800-338-4563
Harbor Side+1-207-288-5033
Bar Harbor Regency+1-800-234-6835
Bluenose Inn+1-800-445-4077
Bar Harbor Inn+1-800-248-3351
The Bar Harbor Grand Hotel+1-888-766-2529
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Maintenance or Aircraft Services at BHB

C&L Aviation Services+1-800-810-0169
Air Bear Aviation+1-603-216-2752
Columbia Air Services (Maintenance and Avionics)+1-207-667-5534
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Aircraft Rental or Flight School at BHB

Mercury Jets+1-954-359-0111
Jet Partners+1-866-235-2852
Maine Coastal Flight Center Inc.+1-207-664-6000
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Other Airport Business at BHB

ATLANTIC TAXI Co.LlcPhotos of ATLANTIC TAXI Co.Llc+1-207-664-4994
MDI Taxi+1-207-288-3333
Land Jet+1-207-266-1085
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