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A Boarding Pass on Your Screen

IN 2007 Continental Airlines started testing what was then a novel technology: allowing passengers to receive an electronic boarding pass on their mobile phones. Four years later, it is finally gaining traction. Now most of the major carriers offer mobile boarding passes at many airports in the United States and some abroad. With a growing number of travelers carrying smartphones, the era of paperless boarding may have finally arrived. ( 기타...

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I don't enjoy having to hand someone my phone when there's a problem, not to mention the risk of being unable to find it, connectivity issues, etc. I continue to happily print BPs.
I tried this on a recent United flight BOS-ORD. Worked well, and it was kind of cool. Though I didn't let the security or gate agent touch my phone... you can look but not touch!
Maybe they could use an RFIDS chip implanted say the forearm or back of the neck to be scanned by remote sensors to cut down on the interaction and weed out the non-conformist not worthy to fly or do business of any kind. Maybe a simple MARK. Aren't tattoos the current trend. Just brain storming.


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