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Frontier Airlines Fined $50,000 For Violation Of Disabled Person's Rights On Denver-Fort Lauderdale Flight

Denver based Frontier Airlines has been fined $50,000 by the USDOT for violating a disabled passenger's rights and said the airline had violated the Air Carrier Access Act. ( 기타...

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"airline prohibited him from using a seatbelt extender to restrain his upper body, something the FAA says is prohibited"
If it's prohibited,why is there a settlement???
Apparently the USDOT and the FAA are not on the same wavelength. DOT Would probably been ok with a piece of rope.
What is wrong with ground staff that can't help a person with more on his plate than they will ever know?

Too bad the fine cannot come from their pocket instead of the corporate purse.
What happened to the passenger? The fine was paid to the USDOT, what the passenger get, a bump to first class?
"When contacted, Frontier said they had no comment other than to say "we recognize all types of disabilities and work to handle each case to the highest degree of safety and professional curtesy as possible." Obviously "professional" means a 3rd class MBA manager was on duty. Fine was lenient..I would have fired the whole shift who was on duty.

Having become handicapped my self, most flight I have taken, I had no problems. However, there has to be someone that drops the ball and I say - throw the book at Frontier for there screw up. Fortunately, my handicap is due to arthritis and can only imagine what a quadriplegic had to go through.


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