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Unruly BA Pilot

BA pilot assaults female passenger...disgraceful. ( 기타...

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It wasn't a "pilot" that groped a "passenger," it was simply a passenger. Whilst he might *be* a pilot, he was not piloting the plane, and hence the sensationalistic headline was unnecessary. Why not state his religion and say a "XXXXXX" groped a passenger, or why not his ethnicity, and state a "XXXXXX" groped a passenger?

AWAAlum 5
The fact he was deadheading makes him no less a representative of BA. C'mon, you airline employees know that. When we flew on personal business on America West, there were clearly outlined rules of conduct we were expected to adhere to.
fabere 2
Good point! I wonder if he was "Smart" enough to wear his uniform? I agree, a jobb label is pretty uncalled for here. But you know the Sun - they love sensationalism and drama!
Here's the rule: Drink alcohol = civilian clothes. No alcohol consumption = uniform.
ric lang 0
So Liz............When Are you going to stop being a student and get going with this aviator thing??
If he was traveling DH to pick up another flight, he was doing so on company time.
What, no references from the movie Flight? Even more entertaining than the article were the comments afterward.
There is no evidence of this story elsewhere from any source!! So the story has to be made up or significantly embelished. If he really was dead heading then the crew wouldn't have allowed him near any alchohol.

I think they found an intriguing photo of a BA tail soaked in de-icing fluid so made up a story around that. The Sun is notorious for fake stories and should have been closed down along with the NOW
source is 'the sun' ? hmmmm. . .
Back in the late 1960s a Garuda pilot shot several pax. In the 70s (or early 80s ?)
Ethiopian marshals subdued a couple of hijackers, took them into 1st class wrapped towels around their necks and slit their throats. Today's inflight entertainment is much more tame.
Snopes: Sorry, no matches were found containing British Airways pilot has been suspended for groping passenger.
AWAAlum 2
The Sun isn't known for an exemplary reputation. That being said, I would imagine BA would demand a retraction if it's a complete fabrication.
Today is the day the UK paid out to the celebs who were hacked. Cannot imagine this missing the news and I read the Daily Mail, or the headlines. Perhaps BA is still recovering from the recent weather related issues and the new court ruling allowing passengers to sue airlines for delays (above Passenger Compensation Regulation 261).
Good. Somebody who really wants that well paying job will be very happy to replace this guy.
One wonders why people still by The Sun after all that's gone on before. They and the Daily Mail are equally as guilty as NOW was. These papers form what's known as the "gutter" press or henceforth "The Sewer Press"
glang3 3
Seriously?! Gee, this is exactly what the aviation industry needs...another arse to make us all look bad!
fabere 1
LMAOWDC = Laughing My A** Off While Drinking Coffee!!!! And didn't spill a bit!!! What will these arrogant blighters do next?! Stay tuna's!!! Oh, and alcohol and aviation NEVER mix - or end well! Yes, I got a chuckle out of this one - fo sho!
A knee to the groin should have done the trick...
fabere 1
LMAOWDC = Laughing My A** Off While Drinking Coffee!!!! And didn't spill a bit!!! What will these arrogant blighters do next?! Stay tuna'd!!! Oh, and alcohol and aviation NEVER mix - or end well! Yes, I got a chuckle out of this one - fo sho!
Has this story appeared in any other newspaper?
Snort. The Sun is not really noted for understated headlines, is it? In addition, their general level of truthfulness is only a half-step above the National Enquirer's. I checked the Guardian and BBC and didn't see anything about this... Great visual though. Can't you just see him pounding on the cockpit door screaming "I want to rape the flight deck". Hope they tased him if it did actually occur.
The Sun says "Phew what a scorcher"
Paddy Pantsdown

Some of the more memorbale Sun headlines
Sounds like he was screaming
"The name is........Doo-moss!"
Good grief. Sounds like he was just wanting to get
Had it been my wife, he would also be dealing with a broken jaw.
I would have been pulled off that guy for sure as well
D. W. 1
Only? Not something closer to terminal?
surely he can very easily be replaced with another slightly lower salaried pilot with less baggage (pun).
LOL, thanks for making my morning "IT" meeting better, albeit with a rather noisy snort/snicker that caused everyone to look at me.
btweston 0
Am I the only one who finds this to be incredibly hilarious?
Yes. It is frightening and sickening.
btweston 2
Oh, get over yourself. Or maybe you didn't get to the part where he banged on the cockpit door and screamed about raping the pilots... Then passed out on the floor. That is comedy gold.
AWAAlum 1
I don't consider myself a prude, but if I was flying with small kids, I wouldn't find that behavior or language funny. It would scare the daylights out of most pax.

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Don't forget that he was paid in Pounds vs. dollars....
Based on the current conversion rate, that's roughly $156,000.

[This poster has been suspended.]

For a $156,0000 paycheck, I'd let him grab my arse Phil...
AWAAlum 1
Did someone threaten him if he didn't accept the job? Or, or maybe they didn't tell him what the job paid? Sometimes people really REALLY lose sight of reality.


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