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Feds probe theft of $1.2 million in cash after valuable cargo discovered missing from Swissair jet at JFK

Port Authority detectives and FBI agents last night were investigating after $1.2 million in cash was stolen from a Swissair jet that had landed at JFK. The theft was discovered after the plane arrived yesterday, sources said. It was not disclosed who the money was meant for or why it was being sent. ( 기타...

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When did Swissair come back? Don't they mean Swiss International? Love the media for getting the facts straight!
CNN at least got that right:
Haha yeah, i wonder if Stacks is gonna get clipped after this one.
Both CNN and Reuters are using stock images rather than a photo of the A/C that was actually involved. Reuters should have done a little research. Journalism is suffering from the dumbing down effect too.
CBS called it SwissAir on their national news last nite too
I realize that some people like to deal with cash only, but shipping $1.2M via air? Really? Might want to think about a simple wire next time...
Well, they give a routine of standard reasons in the story but what is not said is that a cash transfer, in a lot of cases, is not traceable
The CNN link that Zach posted above has a little more detail about the cash as well.
Nothing odd about shipping currency by air. Do you expect banks to ship it by boat? You can't wire physical money that in this case was probably worn out along with dozens of other reasons. It was going to the Federal Reserve facility at Orchard St and Route 17 in East Rutherford NJ. It's a rather impressive place inside but it look more like a hospital from above. These shipments are so routine that someone took advantage of this everyday procedure.
I'll bet it was one of the clever gangs in Europe that really study up on how to do heists like this. This was a small job for them.
"..valuable cargo discovered missing..." OK, so which was it-discovered or missing?
There's a plain building down the street from Teterboro airport where that money was heading to. Most people don't even know it's there or what it is...
It apparently ain't now.LOL
Bada Bing's down the street too, could be payment for Tony's funeral...
Okay, what am I missing here? Media gives the flight number coming into JFK as 17 but 17 is always outbound to Zurich. Inbound to JFK is Flight 16.
Media can't even get the flight number OR airline name correct, smh. Takes like 2 minutes of research to do that too.
Looks like someone had some sticky fingers.
Out of curiosity I ran the numbers on this haul. It turns out to be something that could be easily tucked under your arm and walked off with unnoticed.

1.2 million in hundred will fit a box sightly smaller than 10 x 10 x 10 inches and weigh 26.5 pounds.
Good Fella,s?
waaaooohhh...for sure easy money from swiss instead of to swiss as we are more often accustomed to...did they know that is US$ 10,000 you can carry...
Hey, sounds like someone took a page from Henry Hill's playbook:
Someone closed their Swiss bank account before Obozo gets his hands on it.
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$1.2M in $100 Bills Missing from JFK-Bound Flight: FBI

The FBI is investigating the theft of $1.2 million in $100 bills from the cargo area of a flight out of Switzerland that landed at Kennedy Airport, NBC 4 New York has learned.


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