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Southwest Got 10,000 Applications For 750 Flight Attendant Jobs In Just 2 Hours

Southwest was flooded by applications for just 750 flight attendant openings. ( More...

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Tim Duggan -9
You sully the reputation of FA as a "Staff" writer, here. Did you hear about the tweet that got Justine Sacco fired from her PR job?

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preacher1 4
Give 'em hell Jimbo. I wouldn't back down either, especially if I'm in the right, as you are in your post about Obummer. It is evident by the down and up votes you are in the majority.
preacher1 1
And in the For what it's worth dept, Justine Sacco did get sack. Phil Robertson got sacked but he had enough support to get put back. I kinda think you will too.
Tim Duggan 0
Ha...the "Phil Robertson story" was a sham and a scam to get publicity, and every right-wing xtian wingnut fell for it. Robertson wasn't "suspended" from his junk TV show...all episodes for 2014 had already been shot. In March of 2013 the family all began to put pressure on A&E for a salary increase:

The Robertson family were already wealthy before this idiotic TV show, and they were "clean-cut" and yuppie-looking bible-thumpers from the South. The "Duck Commander" duck call manufacturing company, started in 1972, is a multi-million dollar business.

As they say, "It's Show Business!" And, paraphrasing Barnum & Bailey, "There's a sucker born every minute."
preacher1 4
At the risk of starting an argument with someone whose mind obviously won't change, I really don't see anything wrong with "Bible thumpers from the South". I made a better than average living down here, like the lifestyle, and have no hankering to give up a belief in God, and that is all I will say. I am outa here.
I think we all know the "show" is staged. I don't think the suspension was staged because no company would make themselves look that stupid on purpose. The good thing about any of the tv shows is the on-off button. That said, Phil beat them at their own game because of the on button. He is apparently happy living in the redneck south, living in his own skin, and professing his own views. Surprise! That seems to apply to a whole bunch of us. Lol
It did say this was to start and the usual minimum is 72. 72 hours of flight in a month; that's part time. Should be a piece of cake to do a hundred. With the travel, expenses, and excitement it sure beats working in a freakin bank or something worse. No wonder they got that many apps.
PhotoFinish 2
Was it Siuthwest that wouldn't hire flight attendants with experience at other carriers, so not to disrupt the company culture with mediocrity?
Hamster Vonk 2
Or you could read it this way.... Southwest is a great company to work for. It's culture inspires people. There is passion and purpose in the brand.

Good gravy....every single story on here gets people on a political rant. There are plenty of other boards for that.

FA has turned into the retired Air Force right-wing table of old gray cooters drunk in the corner of the bar. Good riddance.

I know what you're thinking so I'll say it for you:

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

Hilary 2016
preacher1 3
well, the "retired Air Force right-wing table of old gray cooters drunk in the corner of the bar" paid their dues when dues paying was hard, in order to make the way for some of the younger folks, but we did it right. Most of use served in the armed forces in order for everyone to be able to speak their own opinion and have the right to say what they want and vote how they want, BUT the Hillary's of this country are what started it on the road to teardown and I am one old Cooter that will not be in her voting camp.
canuck44 3
You know, WAyne...I don't know which are the worst for the site...the Plantation voters telling us how Hillary will save us (like the four dead in Libya) or the trolls telling us how they made a million dollars selling their sister online.
preacher1 3
I'm to the point I really don't care anymore. Kinda like Tillman says with his comment on top, the Lord is going to have his way in all things, and we are just along for the ride. Problem is, in a lot of cases, that is part of the dues paying process as well. A lot of the younger folks will not even acknowledge there is a higher power and a lot of older folks have abandoned him or have become successful on their own, and think they did it all themselves.
sparkie624 1
It is more like 10,000 people don't know any better and think that SWA is a great place to work... They will certainly find out otherwise.

[This poster has been suspended.]

canuck44 2
$20K is not a bad wage considering they still qualify for welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, ObamaPhone, ObamaCare, etc. Southwest appears to have learned to share the "benefits" of employment with the taxpayer.
Are you serious or is this a joke? Can they really qualify for some or all of the above?
preacher1 1
I think it is pretty correct. It will depend on the family size and individual resources
I don't know but I wouldn't blame SWA if it's true. You know who is to blame. Lol
Ric Wernicke 2
$1,609. per month? I am surprised they received 10K applications. Adjusted for inflation Egyptian galley slaves in service to Cleopatra were compensated better than that.

That aside, I applied anyhow.
pdixonj 1
Tim Duggan 1
Meant to edit a mistake, too late. NOT all of 2014 has been shot.
I foresaw the future with Southwest when they bought Air Trans. Planes have been overhauled and retrofitted. Time too make that cheese.
God is gonna win in 2016. I'm voting for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Yeahhh Man.


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