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FAA Order Airliners to Fly Higher Over Iraq

US carriers are now being ordered by the FAA to flying over Iraq to maintain at least 30,000 - up from the previous minimum of 20,000 feet - because of "the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict in Iraq." ( 기타...

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I don't think that I would want to be on any plane at any altitude over Iraq.... Not unless they were dropping large items out of their bellies that is.. :)

Higher then a 70,000ft out of date missile?
So far, there is no evidence of anything there but the shoulder fired stingers, which max out around 10 grand. That said, sure as heck now, somebody else will bring in something else to the theater.
Didn't seem to help MH17 at FL33 did it?
Let's apply the same over O'Hare......
What? Couldn't find a pic of a U.S. air carrier?
Faux News isn't real journalism - it appears they lifted the text straight from the Wall Street Journal rather than writing their own story.
canuck44 3
I hate to break the "news" (since 2007) to you but both are owned by News Corp and have pool reporting since 2009 through NewsCore. They have no need to write their own story when they are part of the same organization? News Corp also owns Sky News and the New York Post along with a gaggle of other news outlets and TV networks.
And a recent study was done with hundreds of hours of compiled data from the major cable news outlets on truth in media. Fox lies 55% of the time. MSNBC comes in second with 35% lies. No wonder Americans have no clue what's going on.
Sad part is, I can remember when they told the truth and let the chips fall instead of just being a politicians lapdog.
So do I. Maybe it was a sort of golden age of reporting.

Looking further back, it is interesting to read some of the 19th century copy of yellow journalism. Hearst's comment to a photographer before the Spanish American War was you get me the pictures, I give you the war.

sheep have such a short attention span.
Indeed, Faux news isn't real journalism. Its sensationalism, and biased reporting at best. They often repeat rumors from the most creative of haters on the blogosphere. At least here they are simply reprinting the WSJ. WSJ is generally good journalism. Just have aspirin on hand when reading their editorial pages.
joel wiley -2
Faux Pas News. The 'Pas' is silent.
This is news to you? Faux News as we've been calling it for more than a decade is to create a story line then toss it up against the wall and see what sticks. Then have Drudge & WND run it out.
canuck44 -1
Why would they need a pic of a US Air carrier? I guess they read the story and determined that Lufthansa, Air France and Virgin Atlantic had completely suspended overflights and the Germans completely halted flights into Northern Iraq which is under control of the Kurds but likely to be attacked by ISIS.
mskierki 0
I don't think there is anything that says that the carriers you noted don't overfly Iraq.
canuck44 1
"Air France said this week it stopped flying over Iraq, and Deutsche Lufthansa AG said late Friday it would suspend overflights and halt operations to the northern city of Erbil."

Last line of this article...more detail including impact on Emirates and Gulf Airlines on the expanded articles from WSJ etc.

Good way to get around the firewall on WSJ and NYT is to Copy the headline and then search it on Bing or Google and most of the time the full article comes up avoiding the firewall.
mskierki 0
This Lufthansa flight from yesterday sure didn't seem like they were going to avoid Iraq:
"It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment." A. Conan Doyle.

Much of the latter flight is estimate- that is no data was recorded. FA used to project on a great circle algorithm. It appears that they dropped that in this case. Given the firm's policy, it seems reasonable.

Don't extend the trend beyond the data.
mskierki 1
I agree with your quote, it is best not to assume information based on a small set of data. However, I have been on this flight many times and this is the trajectory that we have flown.

My point is simply this: despite what the article said Lufthansa was still overflying Iraq as of yesterday. This is based on the following points: 1) as noted above the start of the flight leads it on a trajectory towards Iraq, 2) the flights have similar arrival and departure times as previous flights and 3) what is the other options? fly south over Syria/Gaza/Jordan and then east close to the no fly zone or east over eastern Turkey and then south to OKBK through Iranian airspace?
Sounds like selecting the least bad route.
Each day I visit Al Jazerra, BBC, CNN, Fox, and TMZ web sites. If they say more or less the same thing, I'm pretty sure there's some truth to the article. Most of the time however, you wonder if they're talking about the same subject. I'm sorry to say that TMZ, while limited in content, usually is the most accurate.


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