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Delta Pilot Orders Pizza For His Delayed Flight

What to do with a plane full of angry passengers stuck on a plane with no end in sight? Order them pizza. A 2pm Delta flight Tuesday from Philadelphia to Atlanta ended up sitting on the Knoxville tarmac for several hours after weather in Georgia prevented them landing. Passengers, stuck on the plane for the duration, were pleasantly surprised when a baggage cart laden down with Pizza Hut chugged out from the airport and pulled up to their aircraft. Passenger Khoury Ashooh, flying home with his… ( 기타...

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Several flights received the pizzas. Wonder who had the company credit card? lol
Think this order came from Ops and not the cockpit.

A little thing like this is a major "ata boy" for Delta promo. Does Delta own Pizza Hut stock???????
I work at DTW and I've seen Delta, on several occasions, buy pizza for a bad delay. these flights hadn't left the gate yet, and it's from a local pizza shop by the airport. A small gesture/cost that shows a lot.
homburge 2
The "real story" here is that for a mere less-than-$250 in food at retail prices, the airline could feed an entire plane something which the passengers actually wanted.
Simple, inexpensive, common sense solution to a common problem.
Pileits 1
Great public relations idea Delta giving everyone Pizza. Sounds like Delta finally gave back rather then the other way around.
sure beats the Biscoff cookies...
I was just stating the facts.. once again these comments end up becoming a screaming match.. no point in responding. Thanks

Yes it was a nice gesture but note they make sure the name of the Restaurant is mentioned. Another person pointed out that it happened for other flights as well which wasn't mentioned in this article.
btweston 3
It's a news article. Yes, it will include information. They also mentioned the names of the airports. You gonna bitch about that.?
pizza eh?
Instead of being trapped In metal tube for hours why not let them get out and walk around terminal, use real bathrooms and purchase concessions and food of their choice.
Because once everybody is on the plane and the door is shut, it ain't that easy. Much easier to just order pizza.
Mike Dacre -2
And this is why I typically don't even place comments on websites like this.. a simple comment about the story itself, people end up twisting it around and taking personal slams as the commenters.. so pathetic people.. Ok they got pizza, Pizza Hut got their plug.. enough said.. move on already!
You "typically don't even place comments on websites like this". and yet, in this very squawk you've made three. Of course, two of those are complaining about people that don't agree with you, so maybe those don't count?
Brinck 0
Sad, Sad, Sad
btweston 0
You started it.
Mike Dacre -6
Shameless plug for Pizza Hut.. unless they were comping this for direct plug..
Mike. Always have someone to be sure that no good deed goes unpunished. People like you always try to spoil a nice gesture and accuse someone of some ulterior conspiracy.
Brinck 2
Lewis. You are so right about Mike. Maybe someday Mike will see something positive in life. Although, depending on how long his ocular input has been negative he may not recognize something positive.


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