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Possible mid-air collision over Senegal between B737 and HS125

A Hawker 125 has gone missing after a suspected midiar collision over Senegal. The two aircraft were on the same airway on reciprocal tracks. The 737 diverted to it's home base and landed safely. ( 기타...

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bbabis 3
Prayers for the crew and passengers of the Hawker. I hope that we learn why this collision may have happened. What was ATC's role? Why did TCAS not work? How could the Hawker have been damaged in a way so as to incapacitate all on board and yet leave it flyable by the autopilot?
I would suppose that the collision caused just enough damage to cause a loss of cabin pressure, resulting in the incapacitation of the crew, but I half-way wonder if the crew was already incapacitated prior to (perhaps contributing to) the collision.
My thoughts too. And somewhat concerning because many major airlines fly through that airspace which is RVSM airspace.


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