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Alaska Airlines Unveils Major Brand Change & New Livery

Alaska Airlines has unveiled a major brand change, the most substantial change applied in a quarter century. Did the Chester the Eskimo stay on the tail? ( 기타...

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Years ago when I first was hired as a controller I started at Burbank (CA) tower I was working clearance delivery. After Alaska had read back his clearance someone keyed up and asked "Hey Alaska, who's that guy on your tail?" Alaska replied "He's our Chief Pilot." Someone else said "He's better looking than ours!"
My Granddaughter thinks the picture on the tail is Bob Marley
Very nice looking paint job....
Just happy they're keeping the Eskimo tail

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I thought it was Jerry Garcia!

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Neil49 2
Interesting, as I find the new font the best part of the refresh. I'd always thought the previous font rendered the word "Alaska" a bit unclear, especially as a first impression.
I like the new font. A cleaned up, more modern version of the old font. I like the colors as well...AlaskaAir, like Hawaiian (other than the 330's), seems to continually do it right. Great marketing departments...
Somewhere in the carefully (un)sorted slide collection, I have an Alaska MD-80 that had apparently had a rudder swap. Seems the scheme wasn't totally identical from plane to plane, and in this case Chester ended up with three eyes...
"Major" Okay Mr. Dr. Professor Evil...


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