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FlightAware releases real-time flight status and radar for all US/Canada flights

US/Canada flight status and radar is now live with no more five minute delay! Previously, the US/Canada data feed contained a five minute delay due to FAA policy. ( 기타...

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jbqwik 7
This smart move will enhance an already enticing informational forum.
I never understood the 5 minute delay anyway. To me it was nothing more than a kludge. Kudos for forward thinking. Now, how about a graphics overhaul?
It should take a lot of confusion out of observing on FA and listening to live ATC radio transmissions. Should work out well.
bbabis 5
Great job FA! No prodding needed. You just keep the improvements coming!
I thought the 5 min delay was due to an FAA policy governing their data. Am I mistaken in that? Has their policy changed? Are you no longer relying on their delayed data? Just curious. Great to see them on FA about the same time they come over.
Yes, the original intention was for security, but over the last 10+ years, technology has changed and it's not an effective approach, if it ever was.
joel wiley 19
This may be the first time the Feds dropped something that didn't work.
bbabis -3
My comment has been self-censored due to being off topic and politically inflammatory. I got a good laugh though.
Was waiting on my son's flight last night at KIAH and used the FA iOS app to monitor several inbound flights. The graphics were much closer to what I was seeing with my eyeballs... parked just off airport inline with 26L and as the planes broke through the low overcast the app would update position to show short final. Not sure it was much more than 30 seconds to a minute behind. Much appreciated improvement!
A great leap!! Congrats
congrats on the upgrade and all the hard work that went into the back end to make this possible.

good job! FlightAware remains the premium choice for tracking, and it is nice to see you evolve and continue to enhance the product.
The headline says this is for "all" flights. Did the provision to hide general aviation flights upon request of the operator get discontinued? (Hopefully?)
No change to the flights included/excluded. VFR, military, and foreign registered aircraft (that haven't opted in) are still excluded, and flights that have requested blocking are not available publicly.

If you could track it before in US/Canada, it's now live.
To my knowledge all IFR flights are shown including G.A. operations. VFR traffic is excluded even with a transponder as well as all military flights. I may be wrong, but that's my understanding.
That is not the case in the past few years, and it appears it continues the same. Anyone who wants to, can hide the fact that they are using the tax-payer-funded air traffic control system, at least in the data provided by the FAA. I was hoping that FlightAware would be using their network of ADS-B receivers to provide information on all civil aircraft. And I don't understand why foriegn registered aircraft using our publicly funded airways are exempt from the FAA data feed as well.
The FAA feed via other services is not the only game in town. You can track local aircraft yourself with a receiver and/or use the Planeplotter program and network, which censors nothing.
n0wki 1
In the 70's we sometimes had less than real time radar to separate aircraft in ATC. Often had to dump the scopes back down and go back to raw radar when the computer stopped updating the radar display. What fun those days were.......
I thought the delays were 5 minutes for arrivals and immediate for departures. When I use the LiveATC site for listening some times, it was difficult to see the traffic and listen to arrivals due to the time difference. But, departures always popped up on the screen when they were reported by ATC. Be good if the delays have been removed.
Wonderful. What's the API to get access?
I'm glad that the data I feed them is no longer delayed. This is a major improvement.
Great inhancement, some interesting and enjoyable views for this retiree.
FA remains on the cutting edge. Congratulations to the entire team!
Great job! FlightAware
fore-site that is
The 5 second reasoning I believe had something to do with targeting an individual person on a flight
or entire flight for whatever reason, from crazy to plot. Assuming that the FAA had any for site into
This is great news! So now I won't have to listen to liveatc approach and tower to get the real skinny on flight arrivals!

mwlong 1
Awesome! Thank you very much.
Great job F/A, now if I could just make my computer go faster!


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