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This Delta flight raced Irma and won

A Delta flight from New York’s JFK airport managed to fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico, pull into the gate, and less than an hour later take off full of passengers — all while Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the island Wednesday. ( More...

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Jeff Carey 5
Yes it was very safe. People in front are paid to be safe, not take risks.
Rob Gibbs 1
What you said is absolutely true.....however, they are making it sound like he just said "screw it" n went head first into the storm
ian mcdonell 1
airliner = lots of kts

hurricane = a few kts

not much competition
chalet 1
These macho pilots were doing a very animated sombrero dance before Chief Pilot and Chief Safety Pilot this morning. No results yet but the PR guys were fuming (LIMAO)
James Simms 1
Happened to notice on FlightRadar24 conditions @ Punta Cana D.R. winds were @ 9 its as the first outer bands were arriving. Last evening there were still plenty of planes on the ground getting ready to leave as Irma approached. As of now, Punta Cana is open for business.
OK, I'll start... I'm impressed. (<<<- is not a pilot)
Ruger9X19 -1
Imagine how much more terrifying a hurricane would be if an airliner couldn't outrun it.
The slowest airplane can out fly the fastest storm. From my flight school.
Otavio Santos -6
I wouldn´t board this plane in these conditions. Do you really think their attitude was safe?
30west 7
Yes! The METAR taken seven minutes prior to the Delta flight landing was 33012G30, 9sm, 15 BKN, 22BKN and 32 OVC. The x-wind component for landing was 15 kts using rwy 28, well within a 29 knot* limitation.

* My educated estimate. I have not flown the 737, but the other Boeings that I have flown had a 29 knot x-wind limitation.

If the wx turned out to be much worse than forecast making it unsafe to land, I am confident the flight had a suitable alternate such as Santo Domingo in the D.R. or Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos, for example.
30west 3
Opps! Typo on the wind speed, should be 33019G30 vs. 33012G30 typed above. However, this correct wind speed was used to calculate the x-wind. My apologies!
Ruger9X19 6
Yes it was safe, it was hours before the most tracked and reported on weather system in the world arrived moving at a whopping 15 mph. They face worse time pressure from their own dispatch departments. At the end of the day they helped evacuate dozens of people who were in real danger.


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