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Passenger dies from Alaska Airlines plane crash

Alaska Airlines Flight 3296, operated by Peninsula Airways, ran off the runway while landing at Alaska's Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Airport, airline officials said, and stopped just short of plunging into the waters of the bay. Passenger David Allan Oltman, 38, of Washington state, died as a result, Alaska State Troopers said on Friday. This is the first U.S. commercial plane passenger death since a passenger died in a Southwest incident last year. ( 기타...

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The plane looks pretty intact. Wonder where the passengers who were critically injured were sitting? Regardless of how many times the flight attendants tell passengers to keep their seat belts on, there's always someone who wants off the plane immediately. Wonder if this was the cause.
If you look at the left hand-side, you will see the propeller is missing and had penetrated the fuselage of the Saab. Not sure if that was were the person who died was seated, but still just like the Delta MD88 that had the engine failure on takeoff in PNS some years ago when the fan blades pierced the cabin and killed 2 people.


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