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Why Trains Are Starting To Replace Domestic Flights In Europe

New studies that cite the public’s concerns about climate issues following the coronavirus lockdown implies that trains could replace planes on many European domestic routes. ( 기타...

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I used to travel a lot by train on the weekends while in Europe. I'd either leave Friday afternoon and leave my car at work and walk to the nearest Bahnhof, or leave my car at home and take a taxi to the Kaiserslautern Bahnhof. I'd usually sit in the bar car. I'd meet all sorts of interesting people. It was fun back then. A bonus, I wouldn't have to find a place to park. My usual trips were from Ktown to Brussels as my Dad was frequently TDY to NATO from FT Lee, VA or to Vilseck, Germany where my father-in-law was stationed. It was about the same as driving, just less nerve wracking.
John D 5
I've always appreciated train travel. Less drama. When I lived in the DC area and had to travel north to NYC and points in between, the train was always my first choice.
I am not a big proponent of government subsidizing businesses, but rail service, especially outside major metropolises ought have more support from states and localities. Here in Texas there is very little train service except to the major cities.
aurodoc 4
It makes a lot of sense to go by train. I travel within Europe often and for most shorter haul trips rail is quicker from city center to city center and minimal weather delay issues.European countries are willing to invest in the infrastructure to make it happen It can only happen in relatively dense population zones so really only would work in the Boston Washington corridor.
Trains would do the same thing here in the US if we had decent train service and reasonable fares. Amtrak sleeper fares are more expensive than renting a loft apartment in many cities.
Might work in Europe. In Canada most good passenger rail service stops west of Toronto. All through Northern Ontario to the prairies there is one VIA train that travels on the CN line only. To get from western Canada to say, Toronto, air travel is most frequent and reliable. There are even large sections in Central Canada where bus service is non existent.
Northern Ontario is looking to come back. Ontario Northland just reinstated the Polar Bear Express and are looking to bring back other lines. VIA now has a Sudbury to White River train.
But I agree...need more smaller rail services to outlying communities now that Greyhound has yanked a lot of service.
microwalda -1
Problem with trains in some european countries is that someone decided to build high-speed trains. Those train are way more expensive than airplane tickets.

Travelling in train has become a luxury that only a few people can afford.


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