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Watch SpaceX catch an entire rocket nose cone that fell from space for the 1st time

SpaceX just pulled off another rocket-reusability milestone — its first-ever payload fairing double catch. ( 기타...

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Nice catch team.
The engineering and planning that goes into this is really incredible. Any part that they can reuse for future missions just saves the customer money.
Elon Musk said (in 2018) that each fairing set costs around $6 million
FAwareM 3
And, once again, as NASA says, "We need more money!" SpaceX replies, "Here, hold my beer." Well done.
chalet 4
This guy Elon Musk belongs to a totally different breed of cats. Started off by creating Pay Pal and sold it for a billion or two, Then created and sold off a computer company that netted him a few hundred millions, then went into the manufacture of electric cars not knowing the first page and serious problems mounted that almost cost him half of his skin. Things went so bad that he trekked to the factory and slept on the floor of the assembly area to motivate his people, and eventually turned the TESLA company around to the acclaim of the business world. In the meantime he was betting the farm with Space X which started off to a dismal prognosis but again he straightened out the operation and now is sending hundreds of satellites per shot into the space. Now he is planning an automobile subway down in the LA innards promising travels at 160 miles; the bets are off that he will succeed. I don´t what is next but he can´t relax for a few minutes and enjoy the accutrements that he could buy with his fortune valued at a mere 70 BILLION. Power to him.
Agreed as to his accomplishments.

Now if he were only a better human being...
chalet 1
From what I have read Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the only super rich with a great heart. There got to be several others.
john doe 2
Direct to UToob video link:

For those who have ad-blockers installed.
$6 Million for a large bath tub shaped piece of fiberglass? What am I missing? No wonder he's moving his plant to Texas! Just too bad it has to be in the most Liberal county in Texas.
Just saying!
Nice catch! Hope they get the parachutes out of the water. Don't need more crap in the ocean to endanger wildlife.
Without downplaying the expertise of the catch that's exactly what I thought when I watched it.
Congrats Space X.
How fast is that boat?
Calculated max speed of the boat (61 meters) would be not quite 19 knots.


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