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PC-12 pilot suffers medical emergency on taxiway, runs into snowbank

He later died at a medical center. Better to have it happen on the ground than in the air. RIP. ( More...

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EMK69 3
JW Wilson 3
I find it funny all the remarks and downvotes against a possible influence of this man's unexpected passing. I bet everyone chastising the commenter is vaccinated. The cause could have just as easily not been the covid vaccine as I had a coworker die while driving his car, in 2012, at the age of 40. But it does deserve the question. Condolences to the family.
mcut 1
Thou shalt not inquire.
Kevin Keswick -8
These "medical emergencies" have been happening all too often. In the month of December WestJet had two such events involving pilots (I will try to make a separate squawk)

I wonder how old the pilot was? The experimental mRNA gene therapies seem to strike younger males the hardest.

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cnoe 4
Please confine your conspiracy theories to Parler or wherever you anti-vaxers hang out. Worldwide Covid vaccination numbers are over 9.4 BILLION now with 5.4 million dead. My wife just headed off to work again to take care of all the unvaccinated showing up at her ER; a dozen or so were carried out in body bags last week alone. This pandemic belongs to the unvaccinated; quit being a baby and get a shot just like you did for polio, smallpox, flu, shingles, etc. This is not about politics!
mcut -1
Who said (or even implied) it is “about politics”? Adverse-event deniers are not confined to any particular political persuasion.
Greg S 4
There is a class of hopelessly stupid people who, whenever they see a story of someone dying unexpectedly, snark and/or imply that somehow it must be the COVID vaccine that caused this. It appears you're a member of this class.

The COVID vaccine does not make you immortal. If you were scheduled by fate to die of a heart attack on Tuesday and you got the vaccine a week before, you'll still die of a heart attack on Tuesday. It's not the vaccine's fault. There does appear to be a link between the vaccine and some heart problems in very rare cases. That's why we like medical professionals to conduct careful medical and forensics investigations.
mcut -1
Yes, it is not within the reasonable realm of possibilities to question if an inoculated individual experienced a serious adverse event caused by any of the safe and effective covid vaxxines. Yes, I am “hopelessly stupid” for even raising such a question. I dutifully await the “careful medical and forensics investigations.” Thank you for setting me straight.
Greg S 0
Let's review: you have 1) no evidence he was vaccinated, 2) no evidence that if he was vaccinated he suffered from a side effect of the vaccine, 3) no knowledge whatsoever of what his cause of death was. The only thing you know is that he died. That's it, that's all you know. So, yes, you are exactly the hopelessly stupid person I wrote about.

But wait, there's more! You're also dishonest, and probably hopelessly so. You claim you were only questioning if an inoculated individual experienced an adverse event, but you have no idea if he was inoculated, so what you stated is not true. You also implied you have some knowledge that causes you to doubt there'll be an honest autopsy, but we both know you no such knowledge. Yours is pure conspiracy, no facts needed.
stardog01 4
Incredibly insensitive remark. Do you seriously believe that someone can have a sudden onset of COVID which causes an immediate medical incident leading to a pilot suddenly veering off a taxiway?
mcut -7
No -- my sincere apology for apparently being unclear. I am questioning the possibility that the pilot could have had an adverse reaction (in this case, ultimately, death) to a covid vax (not to covid itself).
rebomar 7
Could be a reaction to a flu shot or a bad taco or a stubbed toe. Why would you think Covid first? 100 million+ shots???
mcut 3
Could be rapid progression of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma following his booster??? SEE: https://www.NCBI.nlm.nih.GOV/labs/pmc/articles/PMC8656165/. Regardless, let us hope that the NTSB thoroughly investigates the deceased pilot’s toes for stubbing and whether he ate Del Taco or Taco Bell.
JW Wilson 1
WHY, oh why, do you have to pick on tacos! lol....


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