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Niki Lauda takes delivery of Bombardier jet with Vision Flight Deck

With his new, gleaming, grey-and-off-white Global 5000 jet in the background, Niki Lauda kidded his hosts that he was happy to take delivery – but what was the holdup for five years? The aircraft, a $49-million machine the three-time Formula One race-car champ can well afford after selling not one but two airlines he started, is the first to feature Bombardier Inc.’s Vision Flight Deck. ( 기타...

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He made money selling an Airline?!?
'The Rat' is getting... fat. lol!
Hahah yes...too many take away Pizzas. The new woman he has obviously cannot cook like Mariella could. C'est la Vie.
Well isn't he special???
Rich and Able is more like it


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