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Bloomberg's Helicopter Curfew Violation

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was caught making flights into the East 34th Street Heliport even though weekend flights are not allowed. ( 기타...

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Bloomberg should invite some of his neighbors to go along on a helicopter flight around the neighborhood. It's just one of the ways to help calm the differences between local flight ops and close-in residents. Reaching out to your neighbors in this manner would be like inviting your neighbors to your noisy party.... But until something is worked out he should avoid violating the curfew....
Brilliantly said, Jim! You catch more bees with honey than you do with something else.
egnilk66 -2
Fuck, Bloomberg. What a dick.
egnilk66 -1
Using your position as the MAYOR of NY to Make laws that you are above and routinely break? That makes you a HUGE ASSHOLE.
This little dictator tells the people of New York what they can eat. They are the fools for allowing him to keep buying elections.
Oh! I thought all government officials were above the law.
So did they!!! The ex gov found out you can only push so far. Then when you get caught your colleges don't know you. Life amoung the sharks. They prey on the weak.
Some animals are more equal than others.
Orwell was right.
Oh... Didn't y'all get the memo? The mayor is exempt from ALL the laws in New York.
So people buy or rent apartments built next to a heliport that was there first- then complain about noise and don't want to have choppers using it on weekends. Hey, I live 5 miles from a major international airport - due east of the runways! My 12th floor balcony is noise polluted as can be! I DEMAND A STOP TO ALL FLIGHTS ON THE WEEKEND!
egnilk66 1
I believe the curfew was already in place....for what'd it say? 10 years?
99NY 2
Hah, who knew there were restrictions on helicopter travel in NYC. You couldnt tell that from the tourist flights buzzing by every 2 minutes full of saps willing to spend a thousand bucks for a 5 minute flight.
n111ma 2
I wanna be like Mike!
First you could take those people for rides all day and they would complain. Second,they would like all helicopters to stop flying around NYC. People don't want it in there backyard but its ok if it is somebody else's!
Noty only violating a curfew, but firmly denying the shutdown on TV network. No FAA rules apply?

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I have started planting the veggies for the big one Phil.
Veggies fresh grown. What a life. Only thing is MOST gardens will be receiving a healthy dose of radiation when it happens.
Either that or there won't be any gardens...just rice patties.
That's paddies...
Could be paddies, served on a bun with condiments. Lol
Anyone can avoid paying taxes on "after tax" investments if they invest in tax exempt bonds and funds, or a Roth IRA. The return often isn't that great on the municipal bonds, but it isn't just for the wealthy. It's available for anyone who chooses to save and invest. Everyone pays taxes on earnings, even the wealthy. Know the rules, choose your strategy, quit complaining. If you care to accept a minimal salary, you can also pay minimum taxes. That Romney is rich didn't make you poorer. Now I do agree that public employees shouldn't get pensions. They should invest for their future out of earnings just like the private sector does.


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